Happy 2011 Everyone!!!

31 Dec

My last entry for the year. Really been busy these past few days since Christmas. Been my Nanay’s assistant in getting the groceries and her sous chef. It’s just know that I get the chance to be online and… even shower!

I have no list this time. I know 2010 brought me some laughs and tears plus a few challenges on the side. But thank heavens I’m still here. Me not yet dead… (sorry to those who wished I was, ha!) So I guess what didn’t kill me should have made me stronger.

I am still hopeful of course for better days to come. I hope and pray that 2011 is better than 2010 to me, my family, my dear friends and most specially my colleagues-friends. HOM guys, like the Phoenix we’ll rise in 2011!!!

Ok, my Nanay is calling me. I need to end this now and yes, start 2011 later with great hopes in my heart. Let’s leave 2010 behind, specially the bad ones that had happened for…

Peaceful and bountiful 2011 to all of us!!!

Cheers! ^_^


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