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A Timely Reminder

Wow! It’s already February. January came by quite fast. I barely noticed it! Gees!

We’ll for one, the last days of last month was quite heavy for me. Had that asthma attack and flu and I have to do some quarantine time and recuperation to get back here at my board. So here I am back from the grave, though still not 100% well, I’m feeling better and preferred to be this way than be staring at walls and ceilings again for days!!! (Couldn’t stand watching of reading back then, made me dizzy and throw up… sorry for the details!)

So here I am, with a lot in mind but I seem can’t organize my thoughts that seem to be swimming in Carbocisteine and Salbutamol (my meds!) until I came across to this image in my…


It’s February: the love month. Love is in the air as others say it. (Feels cold here in my location though.) There will always be the opposites of everything. Some are lucky, others are not. So why not have  some reminder to those uncoupled out there like a few friends of mine this month? 😉



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