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That Happiness Came From A Box

Been busy the past month and yes, it still is this month. But there were good and bad things that happened. But like every storm that comes, a sign of hope arrives.

It started from the crashing incident of my work iMac. Then a few days later, Lucky (The Survivor), my lolo Powerbook gave signals of breaking down. Well, all its innards are still intact and kicking. It’s just the monitor that flickering and suddenly turning black. But the thing is, since it’s “ancient” parts are already faced out 😦 But then came the blessing: an email from my book publisher. My long forgotten royalties from the children’s book I illustrated accumulated to let’s just say enough to pay my rent for a couple of months, a few bills AND a new MacBook Pro ^_^

I’ll just make it quick. Since this had been announced more than a month ago and has already been posted in Facebook, next will be the series of photos that once in a while I look back and smile with my head shaking. Thanks to Myles for capturing and sharing with me (and who by the way, is also excited that time as well) these moments…

Pulling out the box from the box (See! The box has my name on it. Its mine... MINE!!!)

Ummmm... the smell of good new Apple computer. Its been more than a decade since I first smell that crisp, "new" scent.

Whooohooo... My Happiness in a box of Apple

Thunder, thunder, thunderbolt... hooooooo!!! (Corny!)

Before I remember Myles captured my happiness smile because of another box: a box of J.Co Donuts which I also blogged almost the time last year. I guess happiness for me always comes from a box? :p What could be my next happiness box? Could it be that tiny blue box? Nah. That’s impossible! Hahaha :p


Oh. I do have a habit of naming my favorite things. But a week had passed and I haven’t given it a name yet. For less than a week I called it Mac•Kee but it was too common as pronounced. But thanks to Milan, Myles’ eldest daughter and my inaanak or god-daughter it became Sparkee Ü


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