Look Who’s Had A Facelift?

07 Nov

A little late on my posting, but being an addict on instants last month I noticed that Lucky Me gave one of its product a new design aligning from their pansit canton series I posted almost this time last year here.

Lucky Me's new packaging for Mac n' Cheez

If only I had kept its old packaging I’d be posting a better photo of the old version. I got this photo in the net instead as reference of the old Mac n’ Cheez packaging:

The old packaging of Lucky Me's Mac n' Cheez

It’s a drastic change. I had a little bit of a hard time looking for Lucky Me’s Mac n’ Cheez in the supermarket last time because I still have in mind the color blue and that golden-yellow packaging. Still wondering why the company decided to have the packaging’s color “lighten” when they can still maintain a hint of that same blue so their consumers won’t be mislead or have a hard time looking for the product. Though I haven’t seen their other products having “facelift” but I do get the idea that they’re unifying the look of their instant noodles with the same layout: name on left and product shot on right.

I still find the white color weak for this packaging and will be drowning among all those instant noodles and competitors in the shelves. The blue color could have made the packaging “solid” or bolder and even helped the color yellow to make it look more enticing and “cheesier” since it’s a mac n’ cheese. Well, that’s just me 😉

Hmmm… let’s see who else will be having some changes in their brand and packaging design.

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