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Things I’m Thankful For This 2011

The year is almost over. And as we aim for new hopes and dreams in the incoming year, I look back and list down what made 2011 a year to be thankful for.

1) Gadgets : Who wouldn’t want new “toys”? As the mid-year approaches, I got my dream new Macbook Pro through accumulated royalties from my book illustrations. I also got a new mobile phone. It’s not the iPhone that I wanted but a family friend gave my an old model though secondhand Blackberry for FREE.

2) For my parents: Despite the non-talking relationship, individually they were able to survive and surpass health challenges.

3) Financial ups and downs: Still having problems in budgeting and saving up. I still have debts but here I am surviving, and striving 😉

4) Free out of town trips: Unlike the previous years, I usually travel out of the country at least once a year. But due to monetary constraint, no travels for me this year. But I am thankful for out of town trips invitation by close family friends Ü

5) Tita Julie and Tito Johnny: They are the close family friends we have. I’m thankful that their humility and kindness are shared to me, Nanay and the rest of my family.

6) My work, colleagues and friends from old work, old clients and old school: Who are still there despite my breakdowns and sudden burst of singing (with actions) when being carried away from the songs I’m listening to. Meeting up some once at least a year. Texts or BBM exchanges once in a while. Sorry for my sudden appearances and disappearances. Sorry I can’t always be there for all of you. Forgive my shortcomings, like not replying immediately or not meeting you guys. There are reasons why I couldn’t. But rest assured, I may not be there always but you all guys are in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

7) My virtual boyfriend and best friend, Jose: For still being there and not getting mad at me on my stupidest decisions and actions. We both have dramas and moments in life but it’s been tried and tested… beautiful people attract and stick to each other no matter what.  (Love you, Chong! *hugs*)

8) My best friend from far and away, Annie: We seldom talk, chat and email but when we do it’s just like gold old college times. Distance and time don’t matter. It didn’t hinder friendship, that’s for sure. (Miss you, Annie Banani! Love you!)

9) Chico and Delamar’s (and now with Gino!) The Morning Rush, Glee, The Big Bang Theory,  Happy Endings and Adele: The TV series helped me survive my everyday life and get lost from it once and awhile. The Kikay Barkada: Chico, Del and Gino morning antics are my weekday alarm clocks and boosters for sudden laughs and life’s scenarios to think about. And Adele, oh Adele! Your songs spoke of my “moments” specially this last quarter.

10) That guy, who is well, quite special (and he knows it): Who came, then disappeared, then came back once more. A simple text message, a phone call, and a simple meet up in our old university will overpower all the tears and heartaches I’ve gone through. Stupid, crazy love I guess. We’re not together, we can’t. But we know that we’re there for each other as friends, best friends hopefully.

2011 is not my best year, but it wasn’t bad. I’m hoping that 2012 will be better and brighter. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more stories, ideas and experience more frequently in the coming year.

Wishing everyone, a blessed, peaceful and prosperous new year!