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A Visit to Lola Corazon’s

I’ve missed blogging and updating you guys for more than a month. Plus there seemed to be not much interesting to share with you yet. But not doing anything fun in a 4-day long weekend is unforgivable because such long weekend rarely happens and it should never be wasted. So in a swift, Nanay and I plus a few more getaway friends packed up and visited Lola Corazon.


Wait! Don’t get me wrong. Lola Corazon is a person BUT she’s not our grandmother. It’s a name of a place, a leisure farm that was named after the owner’s wife. Lola Corazon’s Leisure Farm is a couple of hours away from our house in Bulacan and we stayed there for a couple of days.

The Resthouse: where we stayed most of the time to eat or simply hanging out

Waters surrounding the Resthouse houses not Koi fish but RED tilapia!

The bedroom above the dining area/veranda of the Resthouse can hold 4 people max. The room has TV and is air-conditioned

The other room we got is good for 6 persons: air-conditioned, with TV and bathroom with hot & cold shower

The long weekend was not perfect as we hoped for because there’s typhoon Mina hanging around the Pacific Coast area in the northern part but it’s causing some gloomy skies and rains in the afternoon.

But bad weather won’t stop us from having fun…

Up, Up On The Wall

Once the sun was up and shining, we immediately took 3-in-1 package of wall climbing, rappelling and taking zipline ride. Coincidence that the young ones wore pairing shirts having pseudo-teams:

Meet the BLUE Team: My godson, Kenji and his sister Karen

And the WHITE Team: my cousins, Lyn-lyn and Issa

The siblings Karen and Kenji got to climb first

Karen (on left) got to the top first

Lola Trining giving Karen a tight hug. Proud of her doing the climb and reaching the top ^_^

Team White next: Lyn-lyn on the farther left and Issa on the right

Note on doing wall climbing: it’s best to have shoes that light and “hugs” your feet like Chucks or sneakers. Lyn and Issa had a hard time in their first attempt because rubber slippers or sandals tend to slip from their feet. We asked the facilitator if they can just go up the wall with bare feet but it may give the barefoot climber blisters or scratches due to the pseudo-rock textures that are rough. So Team White has to go up one at a time wearing my ever reliable red Chucks ;)

Issa was up first. Nice form ;)

Our "fans" watching and cheering for us ^_^ (They're watching Issa climbing here)

Issa's eyes are not closed because she's scared. Closed because she's laughing!!! :p

I gave Issa a hug when she decided to go down. Elephant hug!!! ^_^

Now it's Lyn-lyn's turn! She made it the first signage which is the midpoint of the wall. Not bad! :)

Issa and I watched Lyn-lyn as she climbed the wall

Too bad I missed my chance to try climbing the wall even though I know I may not pass the fourth or even the third line of rocks because I’m “weight-gifted”. But I promised myself I’ll be back and try it myself even just for a photo op ;)

Going Down 

Rappelling was my first activity for the long weekend and was my first time too. After climbing flights of stairs, I’m catching my breath. Honestly, I don’t know if it was the flight of stairs of I’m really scared that I’m lost of breathe and we are quite lost of words up there in the tower. Too bad we don’t have much photos from the top since I’ve entrusted my camera to our spectators down below.

My turn. Gearing up with the "special" harness. Special because I'm on the "extra" weighted build :p

The top where I'll be rappelling down: That high?!? *gulp*

See that orange blob? That me about to rappel down. I think my sweat were like waterfalls dripping while up there!

And waaaaaayyyyy down I go...

Almost down there...

YEAH!!! I did it. See how the camera caught that moment. Even the personnel (from the A.B. Team that handles the wall climbing, rappelling and zipline) who supported my line while going down is happy for me. (Because my weight didn't break his bones... hahaha!)

Despite that tiny blister I got on my middle finger at my left hand, the feeling after was amazing. I guess it’s always that way every time you accomplish something for the first time. Will I do it again? DEFINITELY! But I won’t be gripping my left hand too tight the next time ;)

Zipping It Down

After going down 50 feet by rappelling, we went up once more to go down 140 meters of length by zipline!

It's the same tower for the wall climb and rappelling, just another side for the zipline. Sky started to become gloomy when we went up for the zipline.

First up (or should be down), Kenji

Next was Karen, Kenji's older sister, who as expected posed for the camera :p

Then my cousin, Issa who in all smiles posed too for the camera :D

Lyn-lyn was next who seemed to be the coolest among all of us since this is her second time to ride a zipline.

My turn! See the orange spot? That's me! It pays to wear a bright-colored shirt to be spotted even from a far distance :p

My thoughts here: "Why are they taking so long? I'll be next... are my hands sweating?"

Me posing scared. I try to look funny here but really I was a bit scared. It's my first time to do the zipline O_o

BOOM! There I went... pulled down by gravity (and weight!) :p See the man in black on the right side? Another personnel from A.B. Team supporting and securing my line (Thank you, Manong!)

Ha! Ha! I made it! (And then I posed as well!) Minus points for the slippers on each of my arm (I know!)

Ha! Again, it was nerve-wracking but it felt good after. And I want to do it again but will make sure I will be doing a majestic pose for the photo op! Ahahaha! :D

Other Facilities and Activities

The Miyasaki Family fishing for our dinner ;)

Aside from the activities mentioned above there are swimming pools as well. Lola Corazon’s Leisure Farm also offers Kayaking, Boating and Fishing. But it seems like we are playing tug-o-war with the rain, we weren’t able to do the first 2.

Besides just thinking of a getaway or a vacation place, Lola Corazon’s Leisure Farm is perfect for team building as well. They also have a Pavillion for events like debuts or birthdays and they can cater as well.

Up for a challenge? The web looks easy to climb but it's not, right Lyn-lyn?

Who's up for a floating raft race? ;)

Nanay enjoyed the rafting with Lyn-lyn ^_^

Hanging out and posing inside a mini-kubo cottage

For more photos (aside from ours you saw above) you can visit their website here or checkout their Facebook page here.


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The Faces of My Daily Morning Dose: The Morning Rush

I’m currently a silent rusher. For those who don’t know what a “rusher” mean, this is a term used or called upon those who listens to Monster Radio RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush. It’s the stations morning show hosted by the dynamic duo, Chico and Delamar.

I’ve been their listener since my college days, hmmm… way back in the late 90’s: when they do their random calls live on air (even dialing another radio station), their segment of Kikoy and Kikay (are my names right?) among the other stints they did. I was staying in a dormitory and sharing a room with 2 other ladies. I believed I’ve influenced these roommates of mine to listen to the show since I’m always the earliest to get up and it became a habit to switch on the radio and tune in. Oh did I mentioned I bought their cassette tape where their famous Goodbye Song is included. The statement I just released, that surely dated me and the show :p

I may not be like the rest of the rushers who’s actively text or call in to answer on their TOP 10. I admire those avid listeners even envy them for they’ve raised their relationship to just being a listener to even a personal friend of the jocks. But considering how silent I was before, I’m more active now. I guess that’s an improvement. I text or tweet once in a while. I even won a Greenwich gift certificate when my entry became number 1. I think the topic has to do with gay quotes if I’m not mistaken. That moment gave me a chance to visit the booth and finally meet both Chico and Delamar in person ^_^

My first (March 2010) visit to RX and meeting the jocks at their old station

Photo above was not quite good for bragging. I guess that’s why I wasn’t able to blog that I just posted it on my Facebook account.

So, yesterday my plans of dragging my cousins who I can proudly say I’ve influenced, to go to the 15th Anniversary of The Morning Rush’s EB was a success. The EB was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Emerald Ave. Ortigas Center. It was jammed pack so we decided to just wait for the crowd to a bit go and “strategize”.

My cousins, Issa and Lyn with Chico Garcia of The Morning Rush

My turn! Thanks Lyn for taking our photo

We caught Chico (actually, intercepted I think was the right term) on his way to join a group of rushers waiting for them. And thanks to my really old and could be considered classic Canon Powershot G5, we’ve had  a few exchanges of words because Chico recognized my trusty but not rusty camera ^_^

Chico, if you can read this thanks for letting us have that photo op. And I have to say, that colored part hair of yours made my cousin see you from a far. Parang senyales na “Hoy! Nandito sa ilalim ng may kulay na buhok na ito si Chico!”

My cousin with Hot Momma Delamar in her maxi dress (very beautiful with her baby bump)

I'm with Hot Momma Delamar! (She was teased that day for sending a "Dora The Explorer" vibes! Crazy!)

We thought we’d miss Delamar but again, I guess fate that day was nice to us that we again had a chance to do some interception. I think she’s about to leave and heading towards the other direction. But she’s really nice and talked to me and my cousins. I think she recognized me (not so sure though).

If you are reading this Del, thanks for talking to us mere mortals ;) Nagalit yata ‘yung “sumundo” sa’yo, di s’ya nagsa-smile kaya we said thank you naman and sorry for interrupting you guys or baka di n’ya ko narinig.

Now, these photos are worth bragging for ^_^

Honestly, I don’t know how to approach Chico or Del. With my age, my work experience and whatever things I’ve encountered in my life, I can honestly say I’m still starstruck I guess. *blushes*

Let me take this chance to say to my morning companions (and friends, kahit hindi nila alam na friend ko na sila :p)


To Chico and Delamar,

You guys surely have read and heard this over and over again, but I have to save my own thanks to you both. My work day is not the same when I don’t hear you guys in the morning :( You guys have shared my mornings more than my family I guess since I’ve been leaving independently and away from my family from high school days till today. Your voices are like my alarm clocks and time indicators in the morning (kasi ever 15th of the hour ‘yung news then every 30 mins ‘yung Top 10). It tells me if I’m staying too much in bed when I should be pulling myself up already or if I’m staying too long in the shower or CR (sorry too much information). You are like vitamins that I should take in the morning. If I didn’t catch the show, there’s something missing in me that day. Parang kulang kapag di ako nakatawa ng malakas sa umaga :p  Weird as it may sound but you guys are like friends to me that gave advice, shared jokes and laughs, even those moments in just merely playing songs that pushed a certain button in me that sudden there’s waterfalls of tears coming out from me. Without you knowing it, the morning craziness you broadcast fills not just my room but myself as well ^_^

Thanks again to both of you. I’ll try to come back on EBs or visit your booth when it’s possible. But I assure you, if I can’t be there physically like the other rushers, I’m always listening, sharing the laughs and crying those tears too. Thanks for the 15 years and wishing you another 15 more or so together in the show, as morning partners, as best friends and as kumare and kumpare (Del, are you getting Chico as ninong or si Jacky Chanak?).

Thanks guys.

Cheers! (Coffee ‘yun, decaf ‘yung kay Del) ^_^


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U.P. Revisited: Shock Value and U.P. Food

It’s been years since I walked through the halls and the now brick-like sidewalks of my university. For a concluding Saturday, we saw college students waiting at the jeepney stops and well, lots of bikers and joggers. Half the road of the university oval were already barricaded for them. During my college days, it wasn’t like this. I guess many now are appreciating how nice it was to walk (or in their case, jog, run or bike) under those trees.

I came back and walked the halls and sidewalks of UP to watch “Shock Value”. Likewise, it was years since I walked a play in UP. I almost forgot how I like watching plays. I guess I’m a frustrated actress… hihihi. Jose, my virtual boyfriend was so kind to (advance) treat me (for my birthday) and got us a ticket to watch the matinee show. Luckily, it was the 2nd to the last day of the play. We were hoping to see John Lapuz aka Sweet on stage. Too bad it was not his call time. But despite not seeing him, the play was hilarious. It was a satire about the back scenes of our television industry. It was filled with characters and roster of personalities you’ll recognized from onscreen. I had a very good laugh through out the show. Oh. There are quite a few scenes that are for “mature” audiences ;)

Oh. I like how they termed these TV icons (on cam and those behind the cameras) “beautiful monsters”. Despite of how monstrous these personalities are, or even know the personalities or even the stories that we watch on TV (fabricated or not) we the viewers tend to continuously watch them and talked about them. Because that’s what we want them to be. We “buy” what they are selling.

After this play, I’m looking forward to another chance to watch and catch another play from Dulaang U.P. Ü


It was just past 6pm I think when Jose and I, both craved for the usual (and famous) student food here in UP: fishballs, squidballs and kikiam. We had to walk in pursuit to any open stalls. Jose comes back to UP more often than me because of his masteral and experimental painting classes. I mentioned a few fishball stands I remember before, half of what I mentioned are either closed already at that time or was relocation somewhere else. Proof that a lot has changed in my alma mater.

Passing by between AS Hall (or Palma Hall) and CAL Building, I noticed a photo op background…

Our first photo op: Jose's Mary Poppins-ish Landing Pose

Mission No. 2 for the day… our college days comfort food…

UP Food: Fish balls, Squid balls, Kikiam atbp.

Remember the changing times I mentioned awhile ago? A proof…

UP Food Cart Now

All the balls and other street food being offered are sold in sets nowadays

Almost all stalls or food cart in UP looks like these. In my days, I remember Manong will bring out his bags of balls (no pun intended) out of a stryofoam container filled with ice side by side with drinks you can choose from: bottled, canned or in tetra packs. You can buy these balls by piece and you yourself will poke them out of the frying pan, hot and crispy. In the famous “kolehiyala” terms, you make “tusok-tusok” the fishballs. Now, food to cook are displayed and all the balls (no pun intended again) that to be fried are on a stick and being sold on sets (P12/set if I’m not mistaken). They even have cheese sticks, siomai, hotdogs and take note: pancit canton! Not to mention there are even combo meals or set meals like pancit canton + squid balls + hotdog sandwich for more or less about P65.00 at the most that you can choose from. College kids nowadays are quite lucky with these “variety” of street food in UP. Well, parents or health conscious people will definitely say these are not healthy food and shouldn’t be eaten everyday but hell! I’ve been a student and in tight budget (or saving up for something) these meals are my savior if I’m still a UP student at this time ;)

Leftover waste from our devoured college food cravings

Manang draining the pansit canton noodles just ordered from her

I felt old BUT happy and simply satisfied with my Saturday in U.P. Diliman with Jose. Though it was quick, it was fun reminiscing while chomping up all those balls (again, no pun intended). That was our dinner, by the way. Cheap but memorable.  I was dead-tired and fell asleep when I got home but I really had a great time! Thanks again, Jose. Looking forward again to another moment of nostalgia in U.P. Diliman ^_^


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Double Celebration

It’s my 2nd day in Davao and will just be doing a quick blog…

Today’s my Nanay’s 70th birthday and she’s celebrating it along side with Ate Neth’s house blessing ^_^

Ate Neth (left) and my Nanay (right) by the main entrance of Ate Neth's house

We heard mass in the morning in SVD (Society of the Divine Word) Davao and ended the day with the actual house blessing. Photos will be shared when sorting already ;) For now, sharing a couple of photos:

Ate Neth's one-of-a-kind house design ;)

And below is a breathe-taking view you’ll be seeing everyday from the house’s balcony (from the room’s balcony that Nanay and I are staying)…

Breathe-taking view: will ask Ate Neth what is this mountains name

Will be posting (hopefuly soon) more photos from my Davao’s experience (second time around) ;)

To Nanay: Maligayang 70th birthday, Nanay!!! *hugs and lots of kisses* We love you!!!

To Ate Neth: May a dozen more happiness, unsolicited love and (world?) peace always surround your new house. Thank you for accepting me and Nanay as part of your family. Love you, Ate! *hugs*


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Fun Saturday (Part 2): Despicable Me

Saturday isn’t over yet. After coming from our wonderful lunch in Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen in Tagaytay, the kids (Milan and Audrey) and I were dropped off to watch Despicable Me!

My first initial reaction shared to the kids’ dad (Myles) were: Dreamworks’ storyline is improving ;) We’ll of course, Pixar’s still way up there but I’m happy that Dreamworks’ improving despite the fact that they don’t have Pixar’s John Lasseter ;)

Let’s just say plot may have been almost given in their trailer (I said almost not totally, ok?) the movie is still recommendable to be watched. Suited for both young and adult. It’s funny and touchy at the same time. Although it’s not as tear-jerker as Toy Story 3, I still recommend that you watch it with or without kids with you Ü

What did the movie say to me? Hmmm… that mothers have really such an effect on their growing kids and man is created and born with a dream and a good by heart :p

Myles and Ria's adorable kids (and my movie buddies): L-R Milan, Audrey and Paprika (soon to join the list!)


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Fun Saturday (Part 1): Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen

Can’t believe it’s already Sunday and Saturday’s over. In a few I am heading home to spend the remaining weekend with Nanay and Tatay. But before I totally forget about what happened yesterday, let me have a quick and ok, photo blog on my fun Saturday…

Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen: This is a place worth traveling for because of their scrumptious Vietnamese food! Thanks to Apple for inviting us and introducing us to the place (all because she and Myles exchanged Tweets). She discovered the place via Anton of Our Awesome Planet. You  can check article here for a better and well-versed write up about the place and food. Shared below are photos by Myles’ and I have to admit, I brought my own camera but I’m sooooo into eating everything in front of me than take photos of it :p

Banh Cuon: minced pork and mushroom rolls w/ Vietnamese ham (Photo by Myles Jamito)

How can I put this? Hmmmm… Most of my close friends know that I DON’T eat fruits and I’m VERY PICKY with vegetables but Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen made me basically eat everything!!! ^_^ And with that, I’ll definitely be bringing my Nanay (to show her that I’m eating veggies now!) and her friends, and whoever among my friends would like to experience what I had yesterday ;)

Photo posted above is Banh Cuon. It’s minced pork and mushroom rolls w/ Vietnamese ham. It’s one of the appetizers we ordered and now, one of my new favorites Ü

I don’t remember exactly the name of the other dishes (again, I’m bad at name recalls) but I can describe you what’s inside of it ;) But all of them are so good. Even their coffee and drinks. Too bad we haven’t tried their desserts. Well at least there’s another reason for coming back to the place ^_^

But for better reference click here for more of Myles’ photos of the delicious food at Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen ^_^

Highly recommending this restaurant… and we’ll definitely comeback again and again. It’s worth the effort of traveling to south if all food will be these yummy! ^_^

For more details you can checkout this Facebook account here. Go check them out and I bet you’ll click that LIKE button ;)


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Photo Op

Bihira ito mangyari…

… na sama-sama silang tatlo…

The big bosses… si Myles (boss ko! Motorola pa ang phone oh, eh naka-iPhone 3G S na s’ya ngayon), si Dennis at si Emily (ng Naturale noon, DEG na ngayon Ü). Teka, straight at maikli pang buhok ni Emily dito. Ngayon kasi long at curly na!

Goofy and happy sila ah…

Nakatiro sa itaas? Naka-no.1 na senyas? Isa pa daw na ano?

Kelan nga ba ito? Ewan ko ba? Nakita ko na lang ito sa archives ko e. Wala lang… Ü


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Winterland Experience in a Tropical Island

Just fancied the title. Actually me and my colleauges went to SM Marikina to have our lunch. I already saw this setup a couple of days ago so I shared it with them. Thanks to Myles’ ever amazing iPhone I had my winter wonderland experience in a tropical island called Philippines ^_^

Me with the cute pandas

And with the polar bears and penguins (though in real life these 2 are in opposite poles)


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Epitome of Love

Today I took a half day from work. Today is not a perfect day nor a day that I expected on how it would start or end. I’ve encountered issues as the day went along but it was all worth it before the day dawned.

Today, among the other few chances I’m thankful for and very happy for a friend named J. Today, I know and all his friends know that he IS the happiest person. Today, he is not just a best friend or a companion, but a husband to Cat. He is now the other “half” of Cat.

Today, J and Cat became one Ü

J and I were classmates way back in college (UPCFA) and are Eheads buddies from the band’s concert Cutterpillow in the UP Sunken Garden up until the bands reunion concert last year. It was J who told me how to get the tickets by buying the Cutterpilow cassette tape (yup folks, CDs were golden then). He bought my copy then and gave me 2 tickets of the Cutterpillow concert. We watched the concert together with some of our classmates. We were freshmen then. As we “grew up” in those days, there had been gaps and we lost in touch. But once in awhile we had a chance to chat and have a good talk later after each had graduated and chose paths to take. We tried to catch up and knew the “highlights” of each lives. I guess we have that friednship that’s not obligatory but we both knew that we have each others backs.

And J met Cat… known the details shared by the very happy and excited J. I had a feeling that Cat will be the one for J. I’ve never recalled J being that happy. Even though I’ve learned that through our lengthy of YM chats in the wee hours of the night (was in NJ then and J’s here in Manila), I felt J’s delights.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

And tonight, they’re united. Love and happiness is visible and felt from the guests and most specially from the couple. I’ve never seen J that happy. Happier… that the time we’ve met after I came back and he then tells me the stories personally Ü

I had fun tonight. I enjoyed watching the couple. Had fun seeing old faces and meeting new friends. Had fun cam whoring… thanks to Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and Gari Buenavista.

I am very happy for J and Cat. I can’t put into words how exactly was it. I was glad I was there to witness it. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a “face” of love. Love does have a face. I can perhaps say that I have seen it, with trust and happiness very much embodied through J and Cat.

Tonight love is undeniably radiated from within. From the hearts of J and Cat. Both are so comfortable and cherishing, enjoying and living every minute of tonight’s event. From my point of view all is PERFECT.

To J and Cat, cheers. Congratulations and best wishes. May God shower you both with more love and blessings. Take good care of each other. Argue but don’t forget to settle it before going to sleep. Talk and communicate your feelings, what’s in your mind. Live and love more. Can’t wait to see little J’s and little Cat’s running around… ;)

Despite being late and missing the best part of a wedding (the church ceremony) and got irritated by the MMDA “encounter” in that EDSA-Buendia area, I’m very glad and very happy I was able to witness the other half of J and Cat’s wedding. I was there to see and be part of the most memorable event of their life. Thanks and love you both, J and Cat!


Photo courtesy of Nelwin Uy

Photo courtesy of Nelwin Uy


Blast From The Past

Up to now I think I still overwhelmed with what happened last night. I can think of a good intro to catch you attention to read this entry. Ok, let’s just make it straight to the point…



IT WAS A BLAST!!! I really, REALLY had fun!

Isn’t it obvious? :p

Thanks to Jose, who had pretty good PR contacts that he nabbed 2 tickets for the concert! And who did he picked to be with? ME

(To Jose, thank you, THANK YOU sooooo mu-cho!)

He may not be U2. Or some might be reacting who’s he? Well, people… (bitch mode ON!) you ain’t an authentic 80’s baby if you don’t know him! Yeah, yeah… it’s an evidence that I am OLD, but who cares? When have I denied my age. I was born during the Martial Law era for heaven’s sakes… I adored Aga Muclach (BEFORE, during his younger years, take note of that), I watch Rainbow Brite and Transformers cartoons on TV and I grew up and learned from Batibot and Sesame Street.

Hell, yeah! I am proud to say, again and AGAIN… I WATCHED RICK ASTLEY’S CONCERT HERE IN MY COUNTRY…

The proof…


As he said it after his first song, that it took him more than 15 years to come here in the Philippines. Saying that and thanking everyone (including me!) watching last night. 

Perhaps it was really sort of our destiny to watch it. Why? Because:

1) We saw the poster announcing the concert together and SHRIEK in excitement… very same reaction!

2) We both really forgot about this “dream” of ours to watch it together until he texted me last Wednesday, 2 days before the said concert. It really went out of head. I was really surprised that it was last night. Jose also too forgot about it until he got a call from his PR friend.

(Thank you too, PR friend of Jose! Continue sharing your blessings, sweetheart. Good karma ‘yan. *wink*)

3) And check out our location and seat assignment…


Seats B1 and B2: Jose blurted out B stands for BAKLA! Hahahahahaha… 

And take note our location: LOWER BOX of Araneta Coliseum. Very strategical in watching concerts in coliseums. Because it might not be front of the stage that you can be showered with the performer’s perspiration or saliva but at least we won’t have a stiff neck looking up!

Our view of the stage…


The price… just check the photo. Blessings for the lucky ones, don’t you think… Ü

WOW! I believe that’s the power of PR ;)

I don’t know ALL of his songs but definitely I can sing with it Ü The concert started almost an hour late than indicated with a front act of a band singing 80’s songs to liven up the night I guess. Show band – that’s all I can say about the front act. I’ll leave it to Jose to “describe” the band, to tickle your imagination, hehehe.

It’s undeniably obvious that everytime Rick Astley will be mentioned here in the Philippines or by a Filipino it won’t be missed that another Pinoy actor that almost a singer will be mentioned… Rick Astley is synonimous with Roderick Paulate.

I don’t know where it came from but there had been a running joke that some Filipinos thought that what Roderick Paulate sings before (still during the 80’s) was his original songs, ergo, those songs are from Rick Astley. Roderick Paulate sings it really well, almost like the original WITH matching dance steps. Yes! 1980’s is the era of TV shows like That’s Entertainment and Dick and Carmi (Roderick’s show with sexy Carmi Martin). And my memories will not be complete of the 80’s without Roderick Paulate who really had quite a lot of guestings and movies which he leads.


And some jokes within my circle of friends learning of Rick Astley’s concert:

Joke 1) that Roderick Paulate will be the front act

Joke 2) that Rick Astley will admit to the audience his long-time secret and reveals his real identity (and then strips off his mask)… that he is Roderick Paulate all along

Jokes… funny… :p

I told my boss-friend and kumpareng Myles that the night won’t be complete if Roderick Paulate won’t be there. And I hope that Jose and I will get a chance to have our pictures taken with him. Hahaha… we’re much more eager to have a picture taken with Roderick than Rick Astley.


My… have you noticed that RICK and be derived from Rode-RICK? Hmmm… perhaps Joke no. 2 is possible…


Oh, by the way, he was there all right. And crowd applauded when they noticed him (Roderick) seating in I think row 2 directly in front of the stage…

Oh well, enough of Mr. Paulate. I’ll just dedicate an entry all for him soon ;)

Anyway, able to bring in my ever reliable Canon G5 Digicam inside the concert venue, I was able to take photos AND videos of the concert INCLUDING Roderick Paulate being invited by Rick Astley himself to sing on stage!

To Myles, remember when I pointed to you a poster of Rick Astley’s concert and you reacted that you won’t believe that’s how he still looked like now? Check this out:

That’s him all right. No Photoshop, not even lighting correction. My best photo of Rick Astley as he performs in his Manila concert last night. He did gain weight specially in the waist area that’s why perhaps here’s wearing a suit. But cool as he was back then, with that suit he wore a black Adidas shoe!

He also mentioned that he has 2 important women in his life: his 16 year old daughter and his wife (not mentioning if that hisonly wife ir latest wife/family). But he is undeniably old. He openly shows himself drinking something on a cup (2 cups actually, that’s what I saw in front of the platform where the drummer was elevated) and he jokingly asked the crowd if we’d like to see him wear his glasses because he had to read and thank the sponsors.

This is Rick Astley with his spectacles…

My friend Gou said he looks like a salesman of Microsoft (or was that Windows she said?). Anyway, all I remember Gou saying was that and “not Apple ha?”


And here, he looks like one of those religious foreign “healing” preachers… hihihi ;)

A short intro of that much awaited video I’d be sharing… after 2 or 3 songs from Rick Astley (his 1st song was Together Forever), crowd stood up and danced of course but went wild when said, “… I was told that there’s this man in the crowd…” then BOOM! Rick Astley said the night won’t be complete if he (Roderick) won’t go on stage and will sing and dance with him but that would be at the last part of the concert so people will wait. True enough, he (Rick Astley) did invite Roderick up on stage at his last number (when the artist usually say good night walks out of the stage then comes back after the crowd demands or shouts “more”).

And guess what’s song they sang together?

Click here to view.

Yup! Roderick Paulate’s signature song in most of the TV shows he hosted or guested: Never Gonna Give You Up… but with a twist! Rick Astley played it in an acoustic guitar while they both sing it together, well, mostly it was Roderick singing.

Pardon my screaming. You’ll really get into it. Hihihi.

Now you know why it’s a blast! Ü


I am not his big fan but I love singing along with Rick Astley’s songs. The songs are infectious, I guess. But I had goosebumps listening to him sing last night. Man! His voice is still the same!


By far, I think this would be my longest blog entry! Hahaha!

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