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Things I’m Thankful For This 2011

The year is almost over. And as we aim for new hopes and dreams in the incoming year, I look back and list down what made 2011 a year to be thankful for.

1) Gadgets : Who wouldn’t want new “toys”? As the mid-year approaches, I got my dream new Macbook Pro through accumulated royalties from my book illustrations. I also got a new mobile phone. It’s not the iPhone that I wanted but a family friend gave my an old model though secondhand Blackberry for FREE.

2) For my parents: Despite the non-talking relationship, individually they were able to survive and surpass health challenges.

3) Financial ups and downs: Still having problems in budgeting and saving up. I still have debts but here I am surviving, and striving 😉

4) Free out of town trips: Unlike the previous years, I usually travel out of the country at least once a year. But due to monetary constraint, no travels for me this year. But I am thankful for out of town trips invitation by close family friends Ü

5) Tita Julie and Tito Johnny: They are the close family friends we have. I’m thankful that their humility and kindness are shared to me, Nanay and the rest of my family.

6) My work, colleagues and friends from old work, old clients and old school: Who are still there despite my breakdowns and sudden burst of singing (with actions) when being carried away from the songs I’m listening to. Meeting up some once at least a year. Texts or BBM exchanges once in a while. Sorry for my sudden appearances and disappearances. Sorry I can’t always be there for all of you. Forgive my shortcomings, like not replying immediately or not meeting you guys. There are reasons why I couldn’t. But rest assured, I may not be there always but you all guys are in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

7) My virtual boyfriend and best friend, Jose: For still being there and not getting mad at me on my stupidest decisions and actions. We both have dramas and moments in life but it’s been tried and tested… beautiful people attract and stick to each other no matter what.  (Love you, Chong! *hugs*)

8) My best friend from far and away, Annie: We seldom talk, chat and email but when we do it’s just like gold old college times. Distance and time don’t matter. It didn’t hinder friendship, that’s for sure. (Miss you, Annie Banani! Love you!)

9) Chico and Delamar’s (and now with Gino!) The Morning Rush, Glee, The Big Bang Theory,  Happy Endings and Adele: The TV series helped me survive my everyday life and get lost from it once and awhile. The Kikay Barkada: Chico, Del and Gino morning antics are my weekday alarm clocks and boosters for sudden laughs and life’s scenarios to think about. And Adele, oh Adele! Your songs spoke of my “moments” specially this last quarter.

10) That guy, who is well, quite special (and he knows it): Who came, then disappeared, then came back once more. A simple text message, a phone call, and a simple meet up in our old university will overpower all the tears and heartaches I’ve gone through. Stupid, crazy love I guess. We’re not together, we can’t. But we know that we’re there for each other as friends, best friends hopefully.

2011 is not my best year, but it wasn’t bad. I’m hoping that 2012 will be better and brighter. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more stories, ideas and experience more frequently in the coming year.

Wishing everyone, a blessed, peaceful and prosperous new year!



Boy Bands Mashups

This news was hyped up weeks ago. But honestly, I still can’t get it off my head. Ok fine. I have to admit, I am a boy band fan BEFORE.

I’ve been hearing over the airwaves and read a few articles about this 2 boy bands coming together. Hearing that made me curious as a cat. And perhaps something in me was awakened seeing it. The video of what I’m talking about:

For the record, I just saw this online and my jaw dropped open! Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block… it’s like my high school days and college days were combined (or collided would be a proper term?)

It’s not just merely a reunion. It’s THE 2 boy bands (or should we change boy to man because they’re old-er?) together. Performing. In. One. Stage.

[Insert female fans screaming here]

When I was in college, I always wonder what if BSB and N’Sync performed together? It’s like the elder brother (which is BSB) and a younger sibling (N’Sync) dancing and singing together. Never did it entered my thought about a much old-er group with BSB.

I have to stop working for about half an hour or so watching this video over and over. Of course for the first repeats it’s for the mere entertainment but later on I’m observing them. Comparing.  I had to search more videos of each groups (sorry, I feel it’s not proper to call them “boy bands” anymore. “Boy bands” seem too old school. Too cute?) from their golden years to their comebacks.

I always fall for the less popular. Among the NKOTB boys I prefer not Jordan but his brother Jonathan. I think it’s how Jonathan dressed up then, projecting the old or “mature” one. While I remember Joey McIntyre being the cute kid back then and his voice “not yet developed” high-pitched voice. Joey then is like the Michael Jackson singing in Jackson 5. I couldn’t forget his voice in “Please Don’t Go Girl”. Sorry Bieber fans, before your Justin’s high-pitched premature young man voice there was the (young) Joey McIntyre:

Ok. The dance steps may not seem appropriate NOW but it made girls scream back THEN. I do wonder how these guys would react now seeing how they perform and dance before.

Here’s Joey (or is he now called Joe?) updated version of the song… mature enough? I think so. But I guess the screaming ladies in the background forgot about growing up (kidding!). Screams are still there. Fans 😉

And a version in their recent concert:

I have to admit, late-bloomer that I am, seeing NKOTB comeback videos in YouTube with Ne-Yo for a collaboration, let’s just say they seemed to have a good “way” of growing older. They grew better than BSB in my opinion.

And when the NKTOB did the iconic dance steps for the Step By Step… it was wonderfully (if there’s such a word) nostalgic! I’m sorry NKOTB left marks in the memory of girls then and perhaps some are hot mommas now (evidence on the AMA video, noticed the audiences given some close-ups) that will always bring a smile or a tickle in their thoughts hearing or seeing NKTOB’s dance videos 😉

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not biased. In fact, I’m a BSB fan. I also like NKOTB but not as much as BSB. I was young-er during the heydays of NKOTB and I’m not yet into radios or MTVs back then compared to my college days. I even bought a CD of their album The Hit-Chapter One when it was released in the US (I was there then) and hoped there could a next chapter of their hits. But their appeal to me faded. I thought it’s because I’m getting old-er, a different music genre appealed to me (could it be because of age again?) or because BSB is gone? They tried to come back. Even came here in the Philippines and had a concert which I missed because I believe the promoters where not that good in bombarding medias here (I remember there’s only one billboard, a small one in a not so prominent location for a promotion? What the-?). And then I learned Kevin went on for a different path… BSB for me now is not the same. And it’s so obvious in their performance at the AMA’s. There’s a spot their original BSB fans would know was meant for Kevin 😦 It’s not the same “growing” up with 5 BSBs and now there’s only 4.

And why is it, NKTOB is an old-er group, and yet they looked younger? Is it just me or NKTOB look happier than BSB. NKTOB seemed to be enjoying the performance more than BSB. NKTOB grew “cooler” I guess.

Well, whatever the back stories are it’s quite a sight-seeing these bands together. They’re back! Wanting to hear more of the screams of old and loyal fans and hopefully new ones as well.

Will they come here in the Philippines to perform? Who knows. I wish they’d have a better promoter. Will I watch? I would if I could Ü

But for now, I leave you dancing and singing along with NKTOB’s original video of their Step By Step while I watch (with a smile) the video of my favorite BSB song (one of the songs I wished were being sang to me), As Long As You Love Me.


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U.P. Revisited: Shock Value and U.P. Food

It’s been years since I walked through the halls and the now brick-like sidewalks of my university. For a concluding Saturday, we saw college students waiting at the jeepney stops and well, lots of bikers and joggers. Half the road of the university oval were already barricaded for them. During my college days, it wasn’t like this. I guess many now are appreciating how nice it was to walk (or in their case, jog, run or bike) under those trees.

I came back and walked the halls and sidewalks of UP to watch “Shock Value”. Likewise, it was years since I walked a play in UP. I almost forgot how I like watching plays. I guess I’m a frustrated actress… hihihi. Jose, my virtual boyfriend was so kind to (advance) treat me (for my birthday) and got us a ticket to watch the matinee show. Luckily, it was the 2nd to the last day of the play. We were hoping to see John Lapuz aka Sweet on stage. Too bad it was not his call time. But despite not seeing him, the play was hilarious. It was a satire about the back scenes of our television industry. It was filled with characters and roster of personalities you’ll recognized from onscreen. I had a very good laugh through out the show. Oh. There are quite a few scenes that are for “mature” audiences 😉

Oh. I like how they termed these TV icons (on cam and those behind the cameras) “beautiful monsters”. Despite of how monstrous these personalities are, or even know the personalities or even the stories that we watch on TV (fabricated or not) we the viewers tend to continuously watch them and talked about them. Because that’s what we want them to be. We “buy” what they are selling.

After this play, I’m looking forward to another chance to watch and catch another play from Dulaang U.P. Ü


It was just past 6pm I think when Jose and I, both craved for the usual (and famous) student food here in UP: fishballs, squidballs and kikiam. We had to walk in pursuit to any open stalls. Jose comes back to UP more often than me because of his masteral and experimental painting classes. I mentioned a few fishball stands I remember before, half of what I mentioned are either closed already at that time or was relocation somewhere else. Proof that a lot has changed in my alma mater.

Passing by between AS Hall (or Palma Hall) and CAL Building, I noticed a photo op background…

Our first photo op: Jose's Mary Poppins-ish Landing Pose

Mission No. 2 for the day… our college days comfort food…

UP Food: Fish balls, Squid balls, Kikiam atbp.

Remember the changing times I mentioned awhile ago? A proof…

UP Food Cart Now

All the balls and other street food being offered are sold in sets nowadays

Almost all stalls or food cart in UP looks like these. In my days, I remember Manong will bring out his bags of balls (no pun intended) out of a stryofoam container filled with ice side by side with drinks you can choose from: bottled, canned or in tetra packs. You can buy these balls by piece and you yourself will poke them out of the frying pan, hot and crispy. In the famous “kolehiyala” terms, you make “tusok-tusok” the fishballs. Now, food to cook are displayed and all the balls (no pun intended again) that to be fried are on a stick and being sold on sets (P12/set if I’m not mistaken). They even have cheese sticks, siomai, hotdogs and take note: pancit canton! Not to mention there are even combo meals or set meals like pancit canton + squid balls + hotdog sandwich for more or less about P65.00 at the most that you can choose from. College kids nowadays are quite lucky with these “variety” of street food in UP. Well, parents or health conscious people will definitely say these are not healthy food and shouldn’t be eaten everyday but hell! I’ve been a student and in tight budget (or saving up for something) these meals are my savior if I’m still a UP student at this time 😉

Leftover waste from our devoured college food cravings

Manang draining the pansit canton noodles just ordered from her

I felt old BUT happy and simply satisfied with my Saturday in U.P. Diliman with Jose. Though it was quick, it was fun reminiscing while chomping up all those balls (again, no pun intended). That was our dinner, by the way. Cheap but memorable.  I was dead-tired and fell asleep when I got home but I really had a great time! Thanks again, Jose. Looking forward again to another moment of nostalgia in U.P. Diliman ^_^


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Yesterday and today were the days that I consider the “heaviest”. We all have our not so good days, right? These are the days when you just simply wanted to curl on your bed and sleep everything off or those times that you are overly sensitive that a memory will be trigger with a song, a photo or anything that instantly tears will burst out of you uncontrollably.

I cried yesterday packing.

Tonight, I could have (again) if not for this postcard that I forgot already…

Caption at the back of the postcard: A Centennial of Independence, 1892 (Henri Rousseau)

This postcard was sent to me by Jose, 2006 I think. Intended for my birthday when he was somewhere between the east and west coast of US of A. It was late but it doesn’t matter as long as I got the postcard. Who receives a postcard these day and age of technology huh? Anyway, it didn’t hit me then of the message but it hit me now. i guess I’m really such a late bloomer. His message to me is below:

His message to me. Had to blur the address for privacy purposes

It says:

Nemcy, you do not… must not forget that life is a dance. Some don’t know how to dance yet they shake their asses on the dance floor. Others choose to stand in a corner and watch. Some learn to dance along the way. I hope this reaches you on your birthday. Just dance.

Your virtual boyfriend,


A postcard made me cry (again). It reminded me and made me realize that all this happening is a dance and life is a dance floor. I don’t know how to dance and I did stand in a corner for sometime but the music is so encouraging that I did shake my ass of without a care about what people will say or think. I’d prefer to dance than stand in a corner. I’ll learn further along the way. A new dance, in a new song, in a new beat. But definitely, I won’t just stand in a corner no more. Besides, this is independence.



Jose, I hope you read this. Through this post, I’ll let you remember the postcard you sent me. Even though I did say thank you then, I’ll say thank you again because through this postcard you reminded me again of how life is good even though there are jerks, bitches and douchebags who tried to ruin each days of our lives. I’m returning this message to you. Reminding you, dear. That’s what we always do, right? Remind each other? Ü

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Moving On (and Forward)

Was it 2 or 3 years that we’ve been launching brands, designs and other stuff here in our office Guijo? We’ve always considered it as our “playground”. The moving out wasn’t actually kicking in to me… ok fine, I’m denying it perhaps… until today. Myles posted a link in his Twitter account that, well, made me pull back my tears (again).  *whispers* Myles always has that power to make me weep like a baby 😦

43 Guijo… heard my best and worst laughs, my cries of joys and pains and ok… even my curse. This entry is to sort of pay tribute to our team’s sanctuary.

Our office, 2008. Working hours done. That's me in red with the black backpack. Preparing to go home

We're always provided with scrumptious lunches... for FREE!!! Beat that!

Happy me. On my first station. We moved inside later on

This was my station when we moved inside where there's aircon ^_^ Aileen's on my left. I'm doing a booth design here in SketchUp

Sharing the famous "poses" with Aileen. Later on I moved in her place and she took a new station behind me. Gahd! This can be considered a "classic" picture. I still have my iPod Mini then!

I can’t find any latest pictures after these. All these photos are from Myles’ who never failed to document and shoot. Thanks, Myles for the photos. And for a one-of-a-kind “playground” ^_^

A few days to go and it’s bye-bye to my station, to my walks to and from Guijo… will miss the place. Hopefully we’ll be back here or if not here, it a new place where we’ll transform it to another playground.

Sacrifices has to be done because we need to move on.

43 Guijo… I’ll miss the place.

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Summer in Pagudpod

I was trying to organize my photos and sort what can be sorted out. My hard drive has crashed on me twice deleting my photos that has been organized in iPhoto. It pains me that I have to do it all over again that’s why I’ve been procrastinating for quite sometime now. My online organization isn’t as reliable since I’ve been juggling from Multiply to FB and my 2 Flickr free accounts has been well, max-ed up 😦 I’m thinking now if I’ll be purchasing (and maintaining) a Pro account from Flickr just to be “organized”. I intended to remove the existing photos that has been uploaded but seeing that most of it has been viewed, well, made me think again.

Anyway, it feels now that I’m going back in time with my random search and check with these photos. Expect that in the coming days I will be uploading and sharing my photos from places I’ve been too. I’m not sure if I’ve posted here already since I have a habit of procrastinating in blogging and uploading photos and blogs 😦  I won’t promise that I’ll be diligent this time, but I will try 😉

Now, let’s stay with not so long ago. This is one of my best summer as I recall. With my cousins, aunt and uncle, we headed to the northern part of Luzon for a few days and enjoyed the summer breeze, sun and food 😀 That was more than a year ago, March 2009.

It’s raining and gloomy now as I write this blog. And looking back at my photos of those days, walking down the memory lane, it feels like summer again Ü

Pagudpod Waves

Big waves in Pagudpod beach

Appreciating serene blue waters in mid-day in Pagudpod while I stayed in the shades provided by the trees along the shore

And lying on a hammock, reading a book, sipping fruit shakes or just simply napping was a perfect way to spend a day in such place

This driftwood got my attention in that small pond or swamp behind the Saud Beach Resort where we stayed

Pagudpod Sunset

And what could be a perfect setting and end of a summer day? A perfect sunset.

When asked if I’d like to come back here and spend a few days, I’ll definitely say YES! If you’re after getting a splash of waves (big ones) and a tan on a white beach sand, head north and go to Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte. Minus the night life (which I can do without), it can really be considered the Boracay of the North.

For more photos of the place and some quirky photos of me and my cousins, check out my album here and here ^_^


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