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Happy Shoes

Photo from Myles Jamito's iPhone (thank you, Myles!)

Need I say more? ^_^

It’s just one of those cheap versions but I feel happy seeing it. Like I almost jumped out of joy seeing it from the shoe rack of the store. As if it was calling me, my eyes went to its location, dropping the black version of it I was trying out and in a few minutes I headed to the counter and paid for it!

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.


Oh… I still love my “battered” red Chucks. Still not letting it go or retiring it like I mentioned (I think) in my previous blog way back. I just feel wearing the new orange ones in these times my colleagues and I are in right now. I need something to feel happy about.

Orange Chucks-like with (almost) rainbow color stripes at the side… not bad right?

My tribute to my (2nd) Chucks… my red and well-traveled Chucks Ü

My red Chucks beside a giant worm (Bangkok, 2007)

My red Chucks on a river boatride (Bangkok, 2007)

In my red Chucks on my first visit to Cebu (2007)

Still in my red Chucks when I revisited Bangkok in 2008

My red Chucks in Lumpini Park (Bangkok, 2009)


Me and my red Chucks (Pagudpod Summer 2009)

With his other Chucks cousins… literally, my cousins are wearing them. I proudly influenced them 😉

Red Chucks and his cousins 😉

If Carrie Bradshaw loves shoes and she has her fave, for now I can say that Chucks is my version of Manolo Blahnik Ü


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My Plant Died on Me

It’s the only plant I have. It’s an indoor mini plant that is soilless (Miura hydro culture plants) and needed to be watered twice a week. According to the brochure its name is pachira aquatica locally called “money tree”. After having it with me for months and being my sole living companion in my unit, it shed its last batch of tiny stem and leaves yesterday.

It died on me.

I’m not so sure if it’s the heat. I gave my neighbor the same kind of soilless plant and theirs is still green and alive. I didn’t neglect it as some of my friends speculated. I greeted it “good morning” everyday and never failed to say “goodbye” when leaving it and “hello” when I get back from work. Other said it might have absorb all my bad vibes or bad energies surrounding me the past weeks specially during the Mercury retrograde. I guess it’s the same concept as that of the gold fish dying as the fish sacrifices its life rather than a human life being taken away in the household where the fish belongs…

Superstitions… but the negative vibes and my plant dying could be. ‘Cause the weird part was, the leaves was not the usual browning, drying and crunchy thing. It’s like bright green leaves turning olive green, then brownish but not drying and crunchy. More of soft withered and then droops down or falls off.

To Manny (my plant’s name) thank you…

Manny, my Miura plant (what's left of it)

Time to get a new one. But I’ll get 2 different kinds this time.


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Small Yet (Surprisingly) Incredible

Greatness comes in various shapes and sizes. Well, this great thing that happened just last week to me was, well…  small in size.

Call it a surprise to me and my other teammates. Our bosing Myles and boss chief Mommy Ria just gave us our Christmas gift aka bonus…

Yup. It’s the 3rd gen of iPod Nano.

Another Apple gadget for moi. Hehehe.

Too bad no one was able to document how I reacted that Tuesday night…

Again, Bosing Myles and Mommy Ria… from the bottom of my heart… thank you! THANK YOU! *mwuah*

Guys, I present to you… Bluwee! Ü

That’s my NEW iPod 3rd gen Blue Nano (now, you know why I instantly called it Bluwee)… beside my handy dandy and still sturdy iPod Mini. It’s a “classic” literally. I consider the Mini being the grand daddy of the Nanos…

Closest friends knew that purple is the color that I love. Blue was the closest to purple that’s why it was chosen for me, according to Myles and Ria. And on Bluwee’s 3rd day in my possesion, I noticed that somehow, fate was really pulling some force that blue was almost for me. How did I end up to that realization? The evidence….

Bluwee being charged on my work iMac unit:
– on top of my blue working table
– with my blue UN mouse pad
– beside my blue elephant pen (btw, I loooove elephants)
– and with this new product that will soon be out in the market that we designed with green and blue packaging, Holy Seat Toilet Seat Sanitizer


Well, happiness comes in different ways. And great things do come in small packages… perhaps, we’ve been good this whole year that’s why good karma’s with us Ü

Now it’s time to enjoy the gifts…

Guys, let’s Apple-lize! 😉


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Wrap Up

2007 Christmas break was the longest Christmas vacation I’d ever had as an full-time employee for the past 8 years of being a member of the work force. Right after my Thai friend, Ten came and visited the country, I went home in my province and spent Christmas and New Year with my mother. Between those 2 holidays, there are some idle days that made me bored from watching TV and just being at home. So, I decided to hop on a bus and go back to Manila to check on my place and “clean” it. Yup. Despite the fact that I haven’t furnished it in a year, it still get dusty… pollution, what can I say?I guess once a workaholic, stays a workaholic? Nah. It’s not being addicted on work… I never was. I guess working is my pastime too? Oh my. Better think of other things to do beside “working” 😦 I really got bored in the province that even alone in my unit, I’d rather be there. Consider it a “me time”. I just stayed 2 nights there and went back home by the 30th.

So what did I do there? Aside from cleaning up, I fixed my cluttered stuff. Guess who are my other occupants?

And a new member of the group, that the givers (Tats and Gou-dess, my loving neighbors… thanks! Mwuah!) claim that he’s an elephant because they knew I loooooove elephants. It was an elephant that ate too much egg that made him transform into this…

Yup. That’s him. He still has no final name. May be someone can suggest what I’d name him 😉 Oh! I’d be needing 2 names. Because by the time I’ve posted this (because I’m late again) I have 2 of these elephant-parrots.

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