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Everything Will Be All Right

Sometimes we have to be reminded though we already know that. But because we’re preoccupied with lots of stuff happening around us and we have lots of things in mind, we unintentionally forget.

To all needs to be reminded, to my loved ones: family, close friends (and will soon to be friends as well), specially to my teammates (Myles, Mommy Ria, soon-to-be-mom too Rio and Aileen) and Jose, a virtual tap on your back and a very tight hug plus this message…

Image I found in (from



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Unsolicited Advice from Garfield ^_^

My usual sharing of life advices by Garfield…

Making the best of what you have (or where you are at in Garfield’s case) Ü


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Simply GLEE (and Madonna)

Forget the backlog photos and stories for me to share here but I wouldn’t and shouldn’t miss sharing this to the world (even though I know I’m quite late posting this)!!!

Oh yes. Glee is back and… from a not so quite a bang comeback comes the MAH-DONNA episode! The Vogue video of Sue Sylvester already leaked over the net a few days prior to the 14th episode comeback of Glee. Most of my Gleek friends already shared and posted the links or the video itself over their FB’s or blogs. I’m suppose to do that too now, but I came across with a side by side video of the original MTV of Vogue with the Glee’s version of the video.

I’d like acknowledge and thank DjwickedJester for sharing the video in What s/he did saved us time (and effort). What I did before was watch the Glee’s version then Madonna’s version. Quite hard for me there specially when net is unstable until I quit trying to pinpoint what part stayed loyal and what part was tweaked somehow.

Sue Sylvester is one bitch that you will love and hate at the same time. Jane Lynch in real life is such a good actress! I’ve seen her played Spencer Reed, the geeky FBI agent’s schizo mother in Criminal Minds and I heard she’s also in Meryl Streep’s sister in Julie and Julia. Now I think I better find a copy of that movie as well.

Anyway, the latest Glee’s episode is quite hard to top. It was even said that Madonna herself who was at first unaware of what the show is, now said she liked it and even has a crush on Will Schuester! This episode is worth watching over and over again. And I beleive because of this episode, younger generation will acknowledge who Madonna is during my time and why she’s in music history. Yes, I am old. True Blue was my first foreign album in cassette tape format.

For readers below 25 years old, Google what cassette tape is to know what that is :p


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Revisiting Thailand – Day 2

Sunday. Among other Sundays that I recall today is really different. One thing is, I’m hearing mass for the first time in a Catholic church here in Thailand and I’m up and about as early as 5:00 AM. I got up 30 minutes earlier than my alarm in my mobile phone.

I’m not that excited, don’t I? :p

First stop, Lumpini Park. Located in the business district of Silom. this park is among the popular place to go to. And compared to other parks I know, it has a closing time (8PM). It was interesting and quite encouraging for people, both Thai nationals and foreigners alike to spent some time here with it’s luscious greens to interesting group of people you’ll see around… of all ages and all sorts of activities. Even if you don’t run, jog or do any form of exercise, sights will be a feast of the eyes.

Ballroom dancing anyone?

Ballroom dancing anyone?

Fan-dance (sorry I dont know what its called)

Fan-dance (sorry I don't know what it's called)



Dont mess with these ladies with swords

Don't mess with these ladies with swords

Gian and I just walked. And that walking gave some sweat too? Why?

Lumpini Park Area Marker

Lumpini Park Area Marker

That’s the length of the walk we did. The area (I think) of the whole Lumpini Park.

We definitely had something with just merely strolling in the park.

All those walking (and sweating too) made us hungry. Let’s have some breakfast! Where o where? Let’s go across the street… the Thai way…

Sausage wrap with coffee meal in McDo

Sausage wrap with coffee meal in McDo

Well, it’s McDonald’s all right. But unlike the usual McDo that I know in the Philippines, the fastfood chain here has other varieties of meals and combo to choose from. Like for example this breakfast meal I got. It’s sausage wrap with egg. I’m really a coffee person anymore but their coffee isn’t bad. They even have Cha Yen as a choice of drink.

Oh! And one more thing. I did try one more item…

Choco Pie from McDonalds Ü

Choco Pie from McDonald's Ü

Yes. If it’s chocolate you’re thinking, it is chocolate. It’s their chocolate pie! It’s like that chco pudding you buy in the groceries but wrapped with the usual pie dough and baked. Along with this pie are the pineapple pie and the corn pie. I wonder how the corn tastes like…

A few more walks and talks and there we were, the Catholic church in Bangkok named Holy Redeemer Church.

Altar of the Holy Redeemer Church

Altar of the Holy Redeemer Church

See the Buddhism/hinduism icons influenced in the altar design?

Ceiling of the Holy Redeemer Church

Ceiling of the Holy Redeemer Church

The ceiling has lotus motif with gold trimmings.

I think the mass we heard was the 3rd mass that morning. The celebrant were 2 priest: one Caucasian, not sure if it’s Brit or German but the main celebrant is a Thai priest who was ordained in the same church. He mentioned like it’s coming back to where your origins are.

Well, homily was something about no miracles happen if there’s no faith. That Jesus didn’t lose his “supernatural” powers it’s just that he didn’t impose. Well, that’s what the priest said. But what it said to me, love can’t be a one way street. It has to be two-way. It has to be reciprocated. Like if you send an SMS, it has to replied by the person you texted. If not, then… why bother hoping. Ok, I’m beginning to be off topic and too personal… AHAHAHA… moving on…

Next stop, went back to Central World Mall. We took a cab and planned to experience some pampering of self since it’s my vacation. Gian suggested that we try the facial service in that mall. But unfortunately, all slots are taken and could only accommodate just one of us :( So we decided to watch a movie later after eating. We had our lunch at Mos Burger. It’s a Japanese burger restaurant and what was highly recommended for me is the cheeseburger.

Mos Cheeseburger and Fries

Mos Cheeseburger and Fries

It was ok. Not to big or small. Hey! I ate the tomato… hihihi. Me not scared of the red veggie, I mean red fruit :p Great if paired with fries and a cold drink.

Ice cold Coke Zero at Mos Burger

Ice cold Coke Zero at Mos Burger

I didn’t notice their tagline/claim until I almost finished my Coke Zero drink…

Agreeable tagline ;)

Agreeable tagline ;)

Simple tagline and true ;)

The ambient lighting was great. Of course, who else will be my model but Gian Ü

Gian, my model for the day Ü

Gian, my model for the day Ü

For experience, I tried watching a Thai comedy movie. WI’m not sure if the title was Wongkumlao but was able to understand what it’s about anyway because of the subtitles. Gian did warn me that the humor is like the TVJ’s era (Tito, Vic and Joey). There was a character in the movie that reminded me of our very own Allan K. It wasn’t bad but perhaps I could have enjoyed a better Thai movie if it’s about love or relationship or drama perhaps. Still my first, fave and unforgettable Thai movie (which I didn’t see in the big scene, just over the net) is the Love of Siam.

But one things for sure, by the way, the cinemas here are first class (for me). Wall to wall carpeting, may it be a small or an old one to the latest ones. Armrest can be pushed back like in some Ayala malls cinemas in the Philippines.

Compared to yesterday, we did a lot of riding the BTS trains and walking. We passed by the previous residence here of Gian in Thong Lo then walked quite a length to look for the travel agency passing by the Philippine Embassy here and reached Phaya Thai. Unfortunately, the agency is not there anymore and moved. Our quest for the day is not complete. Tomorrow, we go to another location and another travel agency for the package tour we can avail of.

Elephant mission is not accomplished yet.

Weather here in Bangkok is like the weather in the Philippines when I left. One time it was so sunny and hot. A few hours later it would be very humid. Sign that it will rain later on. Well, it did. Day 2 was quite a wet and splashy day for me.

And to cap the day off…

Health Land

Health Land

We had a Thai massage Ü Yup. We did. My first time. Unlike the Swedish and other massages, Thai massage doesn’t use lotion or oil which I much prefer so I won’t feel sticky and have that distinct “massage” smell after. Plus in Thai massage you don’t have to be naked or almost naked. Gian brought me to Health Land in Ekamai district. That authentic Thai massage was a bone-cracking, muscle-aching experience. A painfully good one though.


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Revisiting Thailand – Day 1

Again for the 3rd time, I’m finally here at Ratchada, Bangkok to be exact. And going back here won’t tire me even though it’s my 3rd time around. The difference this time: I’m a vacationing tourist!

Flight was on time. Philippine airport I came from was the controversial Terminal 3 which I find quite gloomy and dark. Arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok’s airport) around 11:30PM yesterday (12:30 AM Manila time, Thailand is an hour late in time). Thanks to the movie “Confession of the Shopaholic” converted for my iPod Nano, I was awake most of the trip. It was a longer walk from the terminal’s gate to the Immigration and  luggage area. I didn’t bring out my camera then. I guess I was tired and sleepy to even think about it. No Put (one of Ten’s best friend) around to welcome me this time (ok, I’ll admit it, I was a bit sad and disappointed. But admit it, my instinct was right – AGAIN).

I’m just happy… very happy I’m here in Bangkok already. Happy to see and be with Gian first and definitely, my vacation mode is on!

Anyhow, I had a few hours of sleep. Even though I was lying down already my mind is still wide awake. I guess I’m still excited. But that didn’t stop us from going out. We didn’t waste time.

Gian’s place is now farther from the main road and from a train/subway station compared to the last 2 place. Option was to either ride the motorcycle and pay 10 Baht which was a no-no for me (I still want to enjoy my vacation and go home still in one-piece) or walk. We went for the latter. Besides, it’s a good way to burn calories and have a chat with Gian ;)

Esplanade Mall
Since it was too hot yet to head for Chatujak, we went first to Esplanade Mall, the nearest mall to Ratchada where we had our brunch. My first meal in Bangkok was Japanese. It was my first time to the mall and it wasn’t bad. Not as extravagant and overly impressive as Central World and Siam Paragon, but it was ok. Japanese buffet in Shabu Shi Restaurant was amazing. I’m so stuffed. Too hungry (and lazy) to take pictures. I was hungry then. Hands (and mouth) are full. Well, at least I can now finally say I have that experience of eating in a Japanese with the food choices you have to chase on a moving conveyer in front of you. Too bad and my loss too that I wasn’t able to document the experience :(

So what’s a perfect thing to do to kill time?

Watch a movie Ü Guess what movie is being shown here in Bangkok?

Its more than a two-thumbs UP!

It's more than a two-thumbs UP!

OH YEAH! I got excited again learning from Gian that the movie “UP” from Pixar and Disney is already being shown in Bangkok. So there we go, we had to watched it. I can now brag to my friends left in the Philippines that I got to watch the movie already. Way ahead of them… hihihi. Ok, I’ll embarrass myself to you dear reader and admit something but I have to say this first: Darn writers. Darn Pixar. You hit me here, in my heart, AGAIN. You made me CRY… huhuhu.

But I recommend you to watch the movie. Just bring some tissue or hanky so you won’t soak your popcorn and make it taste too salty with your tears :p

Finally, I got to experience and see for myself what this market is so famous for. Well, everything and anything seems to be sold here. Alive only on weekends, we really didn’t miss this chance this time. They say it’s the cheapest place to shop in Bangkok but as my friend Gian advised me, still not all sold here are cheap. Some are still cheaper in MBK or in Pratunam.

It was a huge market. Alleys of alleys of stalls to check out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any blouse or whatever for myself but I got shirts with good Thailand iconic designs like elephants and tuktuk as pasalubong for my male family members and friends. Gian got a bonsai plant that looks like a really nice small tree Ü

Taking photos of the market or what being sold was not allowed. Gian and another friend of his were scolded at one time when they documented the area. I guess good mobile phones with cameras such as iPhone are of handy and useful in areas and situations like this.

Oh here, I got my Thai sim card for just 14 Baht. 14 BAHT? What the… ok, perhpas it is really cheap here somehow.

This place is not new to me. But I was still surprised to see it again. It has improved a lot. I was looking for silver bracelets for my female friends and was advised that this is the cheapest place to go to for that. Funny about this place is that the male vendors who sold us the bracelets know simple Tagalog phrase. It sounds kind funny yet amusing them saying it ;)

Photo taken in Skywalk in front of MBK

Photo taken in Skywalk in front of MBK

I LOVE this photo of our Gian! (Kasi ang ganda ko dito… hihihi)

Siam Paragon
Another place not foreign to me. siam Paragon still has it’s splendors and is still appealing to me due to it’s strategic location (has direct BTS stop/station for it), ambiance and great supermarket Ü

We decided to go here because I’m already craving for my fave Thai tea, Cha yen! And since it’s almost dinner time we ate at the food court. Pad Thai and Cha yen is a heavenly combination for me. I wasn’t able to finish my ordered Pad Thai. I got stuffed unexpectedly with the immediate drinking of the tea. Almost half of the glass’ content was only left. I brought it home for next day’s breakfast.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Half-glass of Cha Yen

Half-glass of Cha Yen

But before we had dinner, we bought a few supplies of groceries for my stay like flavored yogurt milk and a couple of Thai toothpaste that Ate Neth always refer to me as my pasalubong to her. And guess what? Gian showed me that Cycles Mild Baby Detergent for Babies is now available in their supermarket while  Bliss Pleasure Enhancing Lubricant is available at their drugstore :D.

Day 1 is almost done. I wonder awaits me tomorrow as my Day 2 for vacationing and revisiting Bangkok (again).


I just received an SMS a few minutes ago from Put. I did text him today while Gian and I were having dinner at Siam Paragon food court. He said he texted last night that he can’t make it when I arrived. Unfortunate for me, I didn’t receive it. I texted him back with a brief accounts of today and the plan for tomorrow. I asked him too if there’d be a chance for us to meet at least before my vacation ends. As of 10:45PM, not reply from him. I guess it’s a NO CHANCE situation.


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Monday Blues

Monday morning.

It’s so hard for me again to go to work. Still here at McDonald’s Timog, my seemed to be favorite breakfast place nowadays. It’s because of the free WiFi I guess…

This location among other McDonald’s Store I’ve been is quite comfortable. Though budget-wise I should go here everyday because it will put a hole in my pocket. But all the same, it’s quite comfy.

I wonder for how long will I keep on coming here for breakfast? I just want to feel “happy” initially for the day by ordering that yum-yum Oreo-Caramel sundae. Yup. You read it. I’m having that sundae for breakfast among the muffin and orange juice for breakfast.

I guess that’s it. Until my tongue doesn’t complain on Ronald’s (first name basis? That’s McDonald’s first name, FYI) food I guess I’ll keep on coming back here.

(Somehow) Love ko ‘to! ;)

Oreo Caramel Sundae by gpherman

Oreo Caramel Sundae by gpherman

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Epitome of Love

Today I took a half day from work. Today is not a perfect day nor a day that I expected on how it would start or end. I’ve encountered issues as the day went along but it was all worth it before the day dawned.

Today, among the other few chances I’m thankful for and very happy for a friend named J. Today, I know and all his friends know that he IS the happiest person. Today, he is not just a best friend or a companion, but a husband to Cat. He is now the other “half” of Cat.

Today, J and Cat became one Ü

J and I were classmates way back in college (UPCFA) and are Eheads buddies from the band’s concert Cutterpillow in the UP Sunken Garden up until the bands reunion concert last year. It was J who told me how to get the tickets by buying the Cutterpilow cassette tape (yup folks, CDs were golden then). He bought my copy then and gave me 2 tickets of the Cutterpillow concert. We watched the concert together with some of our classmates. We were freshmen then. As we “grew up” in those days, there had been gaps and we lost in touch. But once in awhile we had a chance to chat and have a good talk later after each had graduated and chose paths to take. We tried to catch up and knew the “highlights” of each lives. I guess we have that friednship that’s not obligatory but we both knew that we have each others backs.

And J met Cat… known the details shared by the very happy and excited J. I had a feeling that Cat will be the one for J. I’ve never recalled J being that happy. Even though I’ve learned that through our lengthy of YM chats in the wee hours of the night (was in NJ then and J’s here in Manila), I felt J’s delights.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

And tonight, they’re united. Love and happiness is visible and felt from the guests and most specially from the couple. I’ve never seen J that happy. Happier… that the time we’ve met after I came back and he then tells me the stories personally Ü

I had fun tonight. I enjoyed watching the couple. Had fun seeing old faces and meeting new friends. Had fun cam whoring… thanks to Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and Gari Buenavista.

I am very happy for J and Cat. I can’t put into words how exactly was it. I was glad I was there to witness it. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a “face” of love. Love does have a face. I can perhaps say that I have seen it, with trust and happiness very much embodied through J and Cat.

Tonight love is undeniably radiated from within. From the hearts of J and Cat. Both are so comfortable and cherishing, enjoying and living every minute of tonight’s event. From my point of view all is PERFECT.

To J and Cat, cheers. Congratulations and best wishes. May God shower you both with more love and blessings. Take good care of each other. Argue but don’t forget to settle it before going to sleep. Talk and communicate your feelings, what’s in your mind. Live and love more. Can’t wait to see little J’s and little Cat’s running around… ;)

Despite being late and missing the best part of a wedding (the church ceremony) and got irritated by the MMDA “encounter” in that EDSA-Buendia area, I’m very glad and very happy I was able to witness the other half of J and Cat’s wedding. I was there to see and be part of the most memorable event of their life. Thanks and love you both, J and Cat!


Photo courtesy of Nelwin Uy

Photo courtesy of Nelwin Uy


Uncomfortably Anxious

It’s Sunday. I’m at home and yet not having that home-my feeling. I don’t know if it’s the environment, the time or just me. I just feel uneasy.

I don’t if it’s the deadlines. My situation. I really don’t know. I can’t even describe totally what I am feeling. It’s just that watching TV, surfing or just doing something keeps me insane. Or those mentioned makes me escape that “feeling”.

All I know for certain, in a few days I’d be another year old-er.


To Blog or Not to Blog…

Well, I miss blogging.. really. I have lots in mind but I’m really having a hard time putting all of it into words until (again) I’ve lost the interest or the urge of posting or writing about it :( Time. It’s also a problem. I have my hands quite full lately. And yet, (again) it seems I have no heart and urge of moving. I think I’m about to be burned out? I guess. But one thing is for sure, unlike before, I don’t have the same feelings for “things” any more. Excitement seemed to have been overused. The fire has been put out. Now, how do you rekindle that “fire” inside of me? Hmmm… Do what you want to do. Do what might make you happy. Cutting, constructing, building… from boards/paper? Well, exploring the diecut and dieline world with the help of Google, I jumped from one site to another and found some new toys to make… One is Paperboxworld and the other one is… hmmmm… I’m sorry for that one site that I loved but forgot to bookmark it here in my Mac :( I promise I will feature you to make it up for you. Here’s a picture of some of the toys I made before I hand it over to my goddaughters, Milan and Audrey:

Among the pig and cow, I made the cat and the dog as well. Wasn’t able to take pictures of it though. But the kids loved it Ü Cutting boxes and constructing them gives me that “good” feeling. And while continuing to explore that world through the net, I stumbled it in another site (which I have to look for it again and acknowledge it Ü)…

I’d like to have these toys and the shelves for display. Perhaps if I have a place to flaunt my “babies” like trophies I’d be encouraged and inspired. But for now, I’d be just looking at this picture… for the meantime, I got this: Sketched with the used of Wacom Bamboo (borrowed from my bosing Myles) in Adobe Photoshop. It’s my first digitally sketched elephant Ü Oh well… life goes on… That’s all for now, folks.

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I’m a Good-natured Realist! What about you?

I got this “test” from Apple‘s blog. Took it and it’s true! Described me well Ü Read on and hopefully you’d take the test yourself ;)


Good-natured Realists are warm-hearted, helpful personalities. They do their work conscientiously and have a pronounced organising talent. They often feel they are committed to traditional values. The family in particular is extremely important to Good-natured Realists. Their greatest pleasure is making themselves useful and taking care of other people. But they do not like pushing themselves to the fore; they prefer to fulfill their tasks out of the limelight. Good-natured Realists are real workaholics; they are very reliable and nothing is too much for them when it is a question of completing a project. Thoroughness, conscientiousness and sense of duty are their strongest points. They prefer established and familiar situations to new and unknown situations.

In dealing with others, Good-natured Realists are considerate and obliging; they are always happy to put aside their own requirements in the interest of their family and friends. Their home is mostly very well cared-for, cosy and tidy. Their perfectionism on the one hand and their aversion to delegating tasks on the other hand often lead to them taking on too much both professionally and privately. They cannot stand discord; conflicts make them very unhappy. One could almost describe them as being harmony-addicted – and this sometimes leads them to strongly neglecting themselves and their own wishes because they are unable to bring themselves to put up a fight.

Good-natured Realists dream of a stable and trusting relationship for life. Marriage and family are very important to them. They take care of their partner attentively and lovingly and put up with a lot for a harmonious relationship. They are also loyal and reliable friends. However, they can be very hurt if their interpersonal commitment is taken for granted for too long.


Adjectives which describe your type

introverted, practical, emotional, planning, tradition-conscious, good-natured, self-sacrificing, caring, devoted, friendly, loyal, considerate, reliable, conscientious, loving, quiet, reserved, modest, helpful, objective, hard-working, warm-hearted, communicative, painstaking, altruistic

These subjects could interest you

cooking, animals, family, music, trekking, camping, hiking, craftwork, nature, drawing/painting, astrology, spiritual matters, meditation


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