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When Twitter or Plurk Isn’t Enough

I was watching the MMFF (Manila Film Fest) 2009 by accident. Well, actually I’m not intentionally to watching really but more on “listening”. I’m busy typing away another blog entry and I miss the the sound of the clicking keys, hehehe.

And I dunno if it’s just me but the entire program/show was bland. The grandness of award shows is missing. Even the singing of Lea Salonga, I can’t pinpoint but there’s something wrong. I’m not sure if it’s the rendition of “Imagine” or she forgot some lyrics. I dunno. But the usual effect of Lea singing, her powerful voice didn’t give me the usual goosebumps :(

Plus the nominees, they seemed to have included ALL of the actors and actresses in the movies to fall on such categories. What’s the use of the board if you’ll just include all people “acting”. Sigh.

Anyway, there’s only on word that has been screaming in my head all this time that I’m typing. And I know at least one gay friend of mine would agree to me in this word to describe the winners and the entire show: CHAKA!

Oh. Wondering why the title? Well, too many words (and thoughts) to be placed on Twitter and Plurk accounts. :p

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