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Boracay Specialty

I know I still owe you guys the post on the Boracay trip I had. Every since I got back from the trip I had to “chase” what I’ve missed off the island: my duties at work and with my family and to top it all off, I got SICK right after the trip…


But with all the events, circumstances and unexpected situations that arises, here I am trying to blog and update and “break” the usual chasing routine. I am still sorting the photos of the Boracay wedding. Trying to pick my best choices to help Ate Marj and Den with their selections as well. But as for now, Jose posted and updated the couple’s website. Check out the initial photos there.

My faves are the sunset shots 😀

But what rocked our worlds (“our” pertains to new friends met in Boracay that also participated in the wedding… Hello, Dang and Ronnie! And to Finjane, Thanks again!) are these signages that we came across!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We found them in an eskinita or small street connecting the beachfront in station 3 to the busy island street parallel to the beach area.

Now that’s the attempt to please and communicate with the foreigners that bring the largest percentage of income in the island. A little wrong in word position or usage it is but my, my… it made me laugh that day! Filipinos are perhaps innovative. Who knows there might really an air conditioner with TV that exist. Don’t you just love how “creative” we are 😉


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