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Ending, Leaving and (Hopefully) Starting Anew

I can finally say that November 2011 was a crazy month for me. Last year’s was recalling my birthday celebration in Bangkok, birthday greets to my friend Gian and Audrey and a few posts of Peanuts comic strips. I guess the similarities of last year’s November with this years aside from the birthday was being busy with work.


But this month of this year is really the craziest I can remember.

  • deadlines
  • weekend out of town
  • get togethers
  • meet ups
  • going home in the province
  • going out of town commuting (for the first time)
  • arguments and debates (and giving in despite arguing)
  • emotional roller coaster in a matter of 24 hours

I’m glad in an hour it’s over.

Perfection won’t be as it is without flaws and deficiencies. I was at my happiest at one point this month and also on my lowest and unimaginable state perhaps. I’ve realized something and chose a path beyond expectations of anyone who knows me and still holding to it despite being attacked and judge.

I thank November for making me realize that I’ve never prayed hard enough. It made me figure out that I’ve neglected God that’s why He gave me a nudge or two. November made me talk to God like He’s just across me. I’ve never prayed and talked to Him that way without realizing I was crying already.

I leave it be. I leave those that happened as November ends in a few minutes. I bring with me realizations November brought me. Big, BIG realization… and action that should go with it.


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