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Double Happiness: Give and Take

Anyone who couldn’t relate to Linus here?

Most of us would like to make our stay here on earth a pleasant and memorable one. But don’t you think it would also nice if we make others’ stay a pleasant one too, right?

Why not apply the principle do of “Do to others what you want them do to you”? It won’t work always because there are jerks, assholes and bitches sharing the planet with us but why give up?

Let’s not forget to say “Please”, “Thank you”, “You’re welcome” and/or give compliments, true ones and not the “for the heck of pulling one’s leg” compliments. Say it if you mean it. Smile. Who knows you might be lifting someone’s spirit. Making them smile (from the liver!) as well ^_^

Pay it forward.


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Request For Good Days

If only this is possible it would have been awesome…

But I bet if we can order it most likely it would be expensive. Hmmm… a year to save up for it can be a way, right?

Hoping (and will be working on) for good days ahead ;)


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Lucy’s Words of Wisdom

I believe in what Lucy said…

Physical pain is much bearable than emotional pain. You can buy remedies over the counter any body aches but not for heartaches.


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Snoopy Getting Affected

Sometime knowing too much, if you don’t know how to shield yourself, you’ll be affected and be depressed as well. Life sucks at times and reality bites but it’s still how we look and accept things ;)

Good day, guys!


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