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Odd Friendship

This image has been in my head for quite a while now. Either I was too lazy to draw it or I’m load up with work but now no more excuses! So I grabbed the Bamboo Wacom and here’s what came out of it…

In the real animal kingdom it’s not feasible to see this scenario. Who cares?! This is what I had in mind, bite me… (sorry, I’m really sensitive these days…. be warned!)

It’s a start of the last month of the year. I have to admit this year’s not the best and this December is quite a heavy month for me. The search for reasons to smile even for just awhile and to relieve not so happy moments continues. I’d say (with pride and hopefully no one contradicts) I’m proud of this quick illustration I did over Adobe Photoshop for a couple of hours. A good reason for me to smile…

Gian, I finally drew it!!! This could be Austin and Pansy Pang Pang ^_^ I’ll give you this drawing ha? It’s not as grand as the one I retouched and emailed you awhile ago but THIS illustration I’m proud to say I’ve made it and giving it to you. Belated happy birthday (ulit!) ^_^

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An Elephant Leap

Staring at a blank sheet of paper, then on the monitor and then back at the sheet of paper… my mind’s somewhere wandering off. Can;t think of my long-overdues side project. Then I thought, why not do FIRST what I know I’ll be able to finish because I like doing that ;)

It took a few minutes on the first sketches…

The Sketch

…and with courage (and a few hours in Photoshop because I’m kind of OC)…

My first elephant digital drawing in FULL color ^_^

Hope this is the start ;)

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Not So Good Wednesday

It could have been a good day. But it didn’t started good nor ended in favor to me.

The past few days were not perfect as well but in some aspects, I see some reason to wake up everyday and smile.

You can’t have it all.

I’m beginning to agree on that. Even as work begins to be of burden and the passion is running out but someone came in to give me a nod and pat me at the back. But then again, all that seems good (enough) won’t last.

I am angry and felt betrayed but it’s me who should be blamed. I took the trail fooled with false hopes. It was good to be inspired but never ever expect and depend your (momentary) happiness to anything or anyone.

Everything is temporary.

Do you know the feeling of having that adrenalin rush, get blinded then smashed on a concrete wall and then being thrown off the cliff? Or just being given a high five but on the face? I felt that a few hours ago.

Under the Rain

And then it rained. Hard. For hours.

I feel low. I have no more tears to shed. I wish this rain will wash my memories away. I want to forget… to start a new.

The day is about to end.

Rain… please take what I’m feeling now away.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Enough jokes. No more teasing. Enough discussions. No more false hopes. No more promises.

I want to forget. It. Him.


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Why do I love Saturdays? ‘Cause it The-Day-I-Do-It-My-Way ^_^


My first elephant sketch: "Ballerina" (10 Oct 2002)

1.) I can wake up as late as 10 in the morning
2.) I can stay as long as I want in the shower
3.) Even though it’s my laundry day, it doesn’t matter. I’m it the coolest (literally speaking) room in the house: the bathroom
4.) Brunch is my first meal of the day
5.) I can play my choice of music for the week all day long (even as loud as I want)
6.) Surf the net (if there’s connection) as long as I want: to snoop around and “stalk” :p Hahaha
7.) Time to play with my pens, pencil and blackbook/sketchbook
8.) Dance around the room (and sometimes shaking my bootie) sets me free! (‘Cause no one’s watching)
9.) Sometimes with closed doors and windows and curtains down, I walk around the room naked :p Hihihi
10.) Basically, anything you can come up to do that you can’t do on any other weekday specially when it’s work day ^_^

Time seems to be not an element on a Saturday. Until the clock strikes midnight, when the day’s over and Sunday kicks in.


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Drained (and Feeling Defeated?)

I feel like a loser. And I never ever wanted to use that word to others what more to myself.

I feel like beaten. like the feeling of running and running to hours, even days and yet you seemed not to reach or even don’t have a specific destination to go to. Or that feeling of waking up from really long hours of sleep and yet you still feel exhausted.

I’m tired.

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