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A Friend Visits The Philippines (Part 1) And My Team Got Our Break

I have posted in my blog entry before that there’s this Thai gentleman that took cake of me when I was in Bangkok. His nickname or how he preferred to be called is Ten. He just visited here accompanied by his Filipino manager (his boss-friend) and my Gian.To cut the story short, it was great that he visited. He somehow experience Christmas here and the “rush”… lots of people in malls, the horrible Manila traffic and the terrible commuter’s life (as compared to his city).And to add to that, my office decided to take some days off before the year ended (wahooo!!!). It was our chance to have a little bonding off the office and breathe fresh (or rather polluted) air and get some sunlight through our skin.Hmmm… perhaps it’s better if the photos will relay which part did Ten see here in Manila… and where me and my teammates went out for one fun-day…

Intramuros… the Walled City. Created during the late 1500’s in protection of the Spanish regime to pirates and moros. Inside this city, we went to Fort Santiago…

The Fort Santiago Gate

Gian, Ten, Myles, Rio and Aileen… by the bridge in front of Fort Santiago

A team of heroes poses… hehehe! Goofy actually… photographed by Myles

3 Heroes: Gian and Ten… with Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal


And more pose… Hmmm… Is God talking to us here through that ray of light? 😉

This can pass as a movie poster, right? 😉

It seemed that we are in some place in Europe here… thanks to Myles who took this shot Ü

A photo for a magazine? Could be 😉 But wait, is Myles floating in this photo? Hehehe…. nice! 😉

After which, we went across to Manila Cathedral

Ten poses by the fountain in front of the reknowned church… looks like he’s in Spain? 😉

In a wing inside the church…

I see 2 angels here… can you see the 2nd one? 😉

I give this photo a title “I give up”… a detailed woodwork sculptured on the doors of the cathedral.

An angel by the gates of Heaven? Hahaha… it’s Ten, outside the doors of Manila Cathedral.

Too bad we ran out of time that we missed to ride the kalesa and go around Intramuros further. I guess most of hungry, and that we headed to have lunch to one of the top 10 biggest malls of the world: the SM Mall of Asia.

FOOOOD!!! For Ten and the hungry bunch 😉

And look what we found inside the mall…

Lost in MOA? Chaktujak or Jatujak… it’s a weekend market in Bangkok actually, but a Thai resto here in MOA.

And the day ended in the Aberdeen Great Eastern Hotel where Gian and Ten stayed for a few days. (Actually, the Design Team minus me still went to Eastwood to hangout. I decided to stay with Gian and Ten for awhile)

Ten and Myles looked funny here with their eyes… hehehe!

More photos on the next entry…Advance Merry Christmas, by the way… 😉


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