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Ending, Leaving and (Hopefully) Starting Anew

I can finally say that November 2011 was a crazy month for me. Last year’s was recalling my birthday celebration in Bangkok, birthday greets to my friend Gian and Audrey and a few posts of Peanuts comic strips. I guess the similarities of last year’s November with this years aside from the birthday was being busy with work.


But this month of this year is really the craziest I can remember.

  • deadlines
  • weekend out of town
  • get togethers
  • meet ups
  • going home in the province
  • going out of town commuting (for the first time)
  • arguments and debates (and giving in despite arguing)
  • emotional roller coaster in a matter of 24 hours

I’m glad in an hour it’s over.

Perfection won’t be as it is without flaws and deficiencies. I was at my happiest at one point this month and also on my lowest and unimaginable state perhaps. I’ve realized something and chose a path beyond expectations of anyone who knows me and still holding to it despite being attacked and judge.

I thank November for making me realize that I’ve never prayed hard enough. It made me figure out that I’ve neglected God that’s why He gave me a nudge or two. November made me talk to God like He’s just across me. I’ve never prayed and talked to Him that way without realizing I was crying already.

I leave it be. I leave those that happened as November ends in a few minutes. I bring with me realizations November brought me. Big, BIG realization… and action that should go with it.


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Treaded A Thin Line

What happened last night could have been a follow through of what happened, the other night (as the stated in my previous entry). What happened last night made me think to that extent that it gave some verification to myself… my worthiness.

I may have entered into a situation that should have been avoided from the start. Never mix water w/ oil, if I may say so. Shake it vigorously, the substance may look mixed up but at the end it will still separate. Avoid hassle of cleaning it up.

Wounds may heal for some time and most of it leave scars… to remind us of where it came from and why we had that wound. I guess now, verifying where I stand and trying to understand certain situations and people lead me to understand myself and honestly, knocked the helmet off of my head.

I came to my senses. I am not so love struck that I have lost my sense of reality and self-worth.

I still have a little something of myself left.

(Thank you)

Learned a lot here. I wish I’ll be reminded of the events I’ve been through. Lessons are quite learned and remembered specially when your trip face flat on the floor. What matter is how you get up, straighten your clothes and brush the dirt off and move on. It hurts. I can’t deny that. But that feeling is so worth it. At lest it has some use. Charge it to experience, as they say. What didn’t kill you makes you stronger… TRUE enough.

I’ve changed a lot. Some doesn’t like it, because it didn’t favor them. Others said it was good. But for me, I feel better. I just feel sad and afraid that I may have lose someone. But it’s up to him. I’ve always made it a point that I’m always there for him but right now, I just have to leave some for myself. I have proven my loyalty but it doesn’t mean I have abandon him. I’ll always be here as a friend. He should have known that from the start.

No hard feelings.


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What I Learn in Traveling I Learn It in Thailand

This entry has been long overdue. But needless to say, I was still able to finish and post it, finally… hope it will help you or at least give some entertainment 😉

1.) Luck does come in at a perfect timing.
It was fate that put me in the position to be sent there in Thailand. My so-called expertise was needed there. To work, was my priority but God’s so nice to me lately (and my boss-friend who gave me extended 2 days company paid) than I was given time to explore the city. Plus, I call myself additionally lucky to have such 2 nice Thai gentlemen with me when I was alone in a country I am not familiar with. They showed me around Bangkok at the shortest given time. Who would be the best tour guides but the local Thais themselves! Blessings do come… perhaps in bundles as well 😉

2.) First-hand experience.
Nothing beats seeing, hearing and perhaps stepping on the actual path of the palaces that you once saw in the geography or history books. I was there primarily for work and yet, I was really fortunate to see and experience their culture, their past, and their current lifestyle. One get to understand, believe and learn from it. Being there, seeing what some are just telling me before, I finally understood how they feel about it and why they are feeling that way. “They” pertains to both Thai people and my colleagues who’ve been there in Thailand.

3.) Acceptance of Western Influence is not bad after all.
Thailand was not really conquered by Europeans but their King and his successors never resisted them. It’s obvious at the palaces architectures and during my museum tours. The museum guide would say, “…these are gifts from other European countries to the royal family…” more than what your fingers can count! Also, they sent their sons and daughters to Europe to study and comes back to Thailand bringing back what they learned and applying perhaps. Adaptation of foreign influence is not bad as long as you don’t forget who you are and where you came from.

4.) Expressing anger will do you no good.
I am emotional. Specially now when in terms of my work, I don’t like “surprises”. Yet, even though I was miles away it never missed me. But because I have no other choice and I’m the only one there, performance and delivery is a must. Me, being a drama queen as called by my close friends was all calm and peaceful there in Bangkok. Surprisingly, I am. I have to control my temper and anger. I can’t complain. I can’t exclaimed. No one will understand. In other words, I don’t have an audience.

5.) Music links everyone.
Foreign as I am in Thailand, Put, one of the kind, nice looking Thai gents shared his music preferences. Thanks to the bluetooth technology, we were able to exchange songs with our phones 😉 And that was the start of the wall of ice being melted Ü

6.) Annoyance, fury, flirtation and curses all have the same tone whatever language they are in.
Yep. I am a witness of this myself. I have heard this from someone before when she was somewhere across the country. I didn’t believe it at first but hearing it myself, I just smiled. And you’ll know, believe me you’ll know.

7.) Beware of judging people by the way they look.
Well, unless you are indeed a Caucasian it’s definitely obvious you are one. But if you’re Filipino, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese or Chinese… there’s a big chance that you can be mistaken as Thai. I’m a Filipino and is always spoken with Pasa Thai. So I guess I sort of blend in. But I did have to learn some basic Thai phrases to explain than I don’t understand Thai (mai kao chai pasa thai), and that I’m from Philippines and speak English (khun Pilipin, pasa anglit).

I guess because Philippines is Thailand’s neighboring country that’s why there are some resemblances on the citizens physical feature and also some on food and culture.

8.) Pack light.
Well, what I mean more is bring a bigger luggage or make sure you have lots of room for souvenirs. Shopping here is haven! There’s always a night bazaar and if you know where to look for bargains, you’ll definitely have bargains! So be sure if you go visit Thailand, allot a budget not just for tours but also for shopping!

9.) Have an open and adventurous palette.
I’m not even sure if my term was right. But keep in mind, just be open and adventurous! It’s a once in a lifetime experience! I’m not a loco for spicy food and really is very selective in what to eat but in Thailand, you have to forget your diet and try everything! I have eaten food that I also said no to. It’s all worth the try. Really. Because you’ll be sorry if you missed out the chance.

10.) Bring your camera, have spare battery and memory/compact flash cards (or film if you’re still using an SLR).
Oh yes! I never, ever go out without spares. We just went around Bangkok and there’s a LOT to see. What more if we went to the outskirts of the city like Ayunthaya.

These are just want I learned for now. Hopefully I will have more when I go back there.

And this is really undeniable, can’t wait to go back to Thailand 😉


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