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A Friend Visits The Philippines (Part 2)

After the get-togethers and Christmas parties, we brought our dear friend Ten to Tagaytay for lunch and a few chances of photo ops with him and some non-city view as a background…

Taal Volcano as background view seen at Leslie’s in Tagaytay. From left, clockwise: Reggie, Ten, Gian, Kuya Ricky, Tina and Apple.

Gian busy taking Ten’s photos Ü

Taal Volcano: world’s smallest volcano… surrounded by a lake and hurdles a lake inside it as well


Ten with new Filipino friends 😉

Me with Gian (photographed by Apple)… we look like a couple here… (ARGH! I look like pregnant here…)

At Leslie’s hanging bridge…

Bored due to traffic heading back to Manila, I’m practising taking self-portraits with the self-portrait experts, Gian and Apple.

After which most of  the group decided to go clubbing. Well, I’m not suppose to join them due to wardrobe “deficiency”, but I guess I was lucky to pass from those fashion police. We took some photos as we walked along the Greenbelt area.

Cy (2nd from left) was able to join us. Behind us is the newly opened Greenbelt 5. Gian took this photo by the way.

And the next day, we had lunch over at Shabu-Shabu Megamall, which perhaps out of hunger I completely forgot to take photos of what we ate and where we ate 😦 After that, we Jared joined me and Ten to hangout and catch a movie at the Cineplex in Shangri-La Mall. We watched “Enchanted” and we had snack and a few chats at Starbucks.

Ten by a movie standee…

2 boys in stripes… twins? Nah!

Still at Shangri-La Mall…

I guess ten can be a model… 😉

At this moment, Ten might be preparing for his trip back to Bangkok. He said he enjoyed his stay and really appreciate me spending time with him and showing him around. I really wish I had more time. I do hope he had fun and enjoyed his short visit.

Too bad his stay is quite short. It would have been nice if he could see the life in the outskirts of Manila. I hope he could come visit again and by that time, will surely bring him to the beach or even perhaps, in Boracay! He really wanted to go there 😉

Hey, Ten! If you happen to read this… I’m really happy you came and visit us here in the Philippines. Do come back, ok? Keep in mind you have friend here waiting for you 😉


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