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My Plant Died on Me

It’s the only plant I have. It’s an indoor mini plant that is soilless (Miura hydro culture plants) and needed to be watered twice a week. According to the brochure its name is pachira aquatica locally called “money tree”. After having it with me for months and being my sole living companion in my unit, it shed its last batch of tiny stem and leaves yesterday.

It died on me.

I’m not so sure if it’s the heat. I gave my neighbor the same kind of soilless plant and theirs is still green and alive. I didn’t neglect it as some of my friends speculated. I greeted it “good morning” everyday and never failed to say “goodbye” when leaving it and “hello” when I get back from work. Other said it might have absorb all my bad vibes or bad energies surrounding me the past weeks specially during the Mercury retrograde. I guess it’s the same concept as that of the gold fish dying as the fish sacrifices its life rather than a human life being taken away in the household where the fish belongs…

Superstitions… but the negative vibes and my plant dying could be. ‘Cause the weird part was, the leaves was not the usual browning, drying and crunchy thing. It’s like bright green leaves turning olive green, then brownish but not drying and crunchy. More of soft withered and then droops down or falls off.

To Manny (my plant’s name) thank you…

Manny, my Miura plant (what's left of it)

Time to get a new one. But I’ll get 2 different kinds this time.


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Christmas Comes and Goes

It ended as fast as it came. That’s how Christmas is to me this year. Perhaps I am really getting older and really getting busy that I didn’t notice time has passed so quickly. The usual thing happens at this time of the year… cousins and relatives visit us and spend lunch and snack at our home. If last year, I was the “head”, this year my Nanay is with us and headed the kitchen in preparation for a small feast. It was Tatay who’s in the US and spent Christmas with my brother and his family.Since I lack time shopping for gifts (and missed my “therapy” by wrapping gifts), I decided to have a little game this year. The past years, when all the elders are with us, there usually a game if hide and seek. But instead of looking for a person, the children should look for the money hidden at certain areas by the elders. But since most of my cousins have kids already, and some of the elders are already elsewhere… I thought of making our trees a little special.My tree by the way. I bought and decorated it ever since I received my first full salary. Perhaps due to deprived blessings when I was a kid, I decided to get one for our family when I got the chance.

So, that tree that you see is not just decorated by merely Christmas ornaments.

This year I decided to put some envelops with some money in it. Then if luck is with you, you might be able to get at much as P500. If not, you’ll get P20. At first, I planned that only kids and my inaanaks shall pick an envelop. But my Nanay joined in as a sponsor too. There might have been almost 30 money envelops. So anyone, whether young or old, single or married, gets a chance to pick and test their luck in the money tree.

Nanay poses by the “money” tree

Me by the tree

It was fun. If the kid get P20, specially is he or she is my inaanak, I just give the kid some extra cash or an extra gift. Hey! It’s Christmas. It just comes once a year 😉 Anyway, Christmas is over. Next occasion to prepare… New Year and the eve of it!

From my Nanay and I, Maligayang Pasko at Manibagong Bagong Taon sa lahat!!! (Merry Christmas and a Properous New Year to everyone!!!)


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