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Better In Time

Sharing a beautiful song (and its music video too). Thanks to my VBF, Chong for sharing this to me. You are right, dear. This song is perfect for you.

Quoting the a part of the songs lyrics:

“Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
It’ll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
It’ll all get better in time”

For the complete lyrics, check here.

This song was also covered in a nice male version by Boyce Avenue:

For those who are in the “recovery” path in their life. When you used to have someone with you but things didn’t end up as you’ve planned, dreamed or expected it, I share you this reminder and power song.

We’ll all be better in time.


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Good News… Somehow…

Well, a quick blog to ease up some “nerves” on me and for those who are kind of concern…

Things seemed getting better. Let’s say I’m in a bit of “recovery”…

At times it helps to think happy thoughts. Some say you’re denying the reality. Escaping the truth. It could be. But as long as it helps, and you know what you are doing, I think one can “come back”.

We need to escape once in a while… for sanity’s sake…

I’m coping… fighting. Well, you can’t please everybody… but right now, my priority is myself.

A lot of sacrifices still happening.

A lot of tears still kept.

But I’ll be fine.

Sigh. I miss blogging…


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A Face of Another Hell

I had to let this out…

The last minute of VDay. Sadness peeked in. While lying in bed, about to sleep I gave in with this thought of wishing about this guy…

Texted a few dear friends who knew about it. Received a message a while ago telling me what I actually expect of them to say.

I already knew actually what to do. I advised it to other friends as well. It’s just that it’s really hard to apply it when it’s you who’s in that situation now.

Professed it or not, I made a decision. I HAVE to deal with it. Vulnerable that I am, I liked him (from hating him at our first encounter) quite fast, got along with him, I think I fell quite hard and expected too much. Now it’s taking a long time to get over it.

A hard thing to swallow is the mistake I made of thinking, of hoping despite the self-reminder that it could be just a one-way thing. I hoped. I really hoped.

Recovery is hell.

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