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I’ve been out from the blogging world for quite a long time. A lot of not so good things happened to me and my dear friends. We have to cope up, reconstruct ourselves and tried to start from where we’ve left off. It saddens me that I came back posting something really heartbreaking.

With all the events that occurred to me, I will have a hard time retelling it here, to share them to you because I really prefer that these events be buried and forgotten. But tonight, as I check my account in, an illustration has struck me and I couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Illustration by Natascha Rosenberg

“Where and how to start?” is always the question…

It breaks my heart seeing images of the devastation that happened in Japan. But it inspires me seeing and hearing how our fellow Asian neighbor calmly reacts and accepts the situation. Proves that culture does make a difference.

After all the storm that came to us, I always believe that the rainbow will soon appear giving us hope. After all the not so good things that happened to me and my friends, not just the rainbow but also the smiling sun came out. Paving the way of more good news.

Nothing given to us we couldn’t bear and surpass. I believe Japan will be back in its old glory.

Sending virtual hugs to all the victims of the tsunami and earthquake tragedy in Japan.


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