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Boiling Point

Most of the people you generally know me says I’m patient. Well, I used to believe that too. I could have been patient but I guess things have been pushing my buttons of anger and frustrations.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMy friends and colleagues saw me flare up at certain people and at certain occasion. It happened because stupidity seemed to be an epidemic lately. I may not be a genius as Einstein but I know I have common sense. As far as I know, we are all born to be good in nature and with common sense. I know how goodness may be lost in time but common sense? Hmmm… how can one lose it along the way?

I am really, REALLY bursting in anger lately. I did try to maintain my composure. If I totally give in, either I’ll lose my job, have killed someone or at least scared someone for life. But I have to let it out, one way or another.

We are all born good in nature, but I observed that even the nicest and kindest person explodes in anger…

So, I guess, I’m still normal. Haha!

I am vulnerable and gullible. I can’t deny that. I’m trying to control my emotions. I want it not to eat me or get over me. If this is a graded course, I’ll be in a verge of flunking it right now 😦

Forgive me for being weak. But thank my friends, specially my dear friend and boss, Myles, if not for them I could have eaten someone alive! (Of course that’s an exaggeration. I deeply respect queer people… most of them)

Bottomline, we might be breathing the same air, walking on the same ground BUT…

I know my job.

I know what I’m doing.

I ask when I’m in doubt.

And for the work to be done, do your f*cking job, I’ll do mine. And hopefully, we might get along.

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If the truth sets one free…

… then I should be happy by now.

I am. At least if not totally.

I lost my chance to tell this male friend of mine how I feel about him before. That very same statement that should be the door of opportunity for me back then opened a few minutes ago.

I finally told him that I kinda like him… that’s why I am so affected by what is happening between him and a certain girl and whatever it is in connection with him. And that how I said it was underrated. Because I used kinda. Darn!

I do like him, or even went beyond it. But expounding or nurturing it is really foolish enough of me. I was as good as turned down of course.

But as I intended and planned this before (that never occurred back then) “professing” how I feel is to set me free and have my peace. I did have it now that it’s out of my chest. I never intend to win his heart, that would just be a bonus if ever. The worst of his reaction was to avoid me or lose the friendship that we have but it didn’t happened. Could it be that it didn’t happen because I told him over YM, and it’s unplanned? Still, he is the man that I thought he is back then, the person that I like… he may be a joker at times but he always will be a gentleman and a profound person specially when drunk! Hahaha!

I was a bit shaking when we are conversing over YM. And I’m a bit shaken until now. Today was such a long tiring day. I thought your reaction over it will keep me up and work on my illustrating stint. Now, I am sleepy. My body gave in to its natural circulation…

Thanks for just being yourself and taking this well. We’ll still be seeing each other and probably work together again someday. Hopefully, time will come we’ll both just be laughing at this.

I have my double stuffed Oreo pack and a cold glass of milk to “celebrate” this occasion. I am pretending there. They were more of my comfort companions at this time.

A toast (of icy cold milk) to those souls that need to be freed…

and the show must go on… moving on


It’s A Girl!!!

Ok, to clear things out. I am not pregnant. I have friends yesterday buzzing me due to my status saying, “(nemcita) is glad that… IT’S A GIRL!”. I would be the happiest women in the world if I’s be a mother but at this time, I am not financially ready.

Anyway, it’s my dear friends, Myles and Ria who are having the baby. Congratulations, guys! Though I am to treat the whole creatives team because we (including auntie Rio, Ria’s twin sister) lost the bet. Both Rio and I wanted (and dreamt) that the kid be a boy. But as the ultrasound said:

I felt privileged that the couple invited me to join them yesterday. Milan and Audrey, their daughters were with us too. I was carrying Milan when they showed us the first shots of the baby. It was my first time to see a baby in being ultrasound. At first I couldn’t see a definite image. But when the visuals are becoming obvious, I was at awe. It moved. It kicked. It’s ALIVE!!!

One of God’s wonders… a living creature in one’s body… WOW!

It was really exciting. And me, being the makulit and perky one,  kept on asking the OB-Gyne if it’s really a girl. That if there’d be a chance that the organs had not fully developed yet. But for the fetus to be 5 months old, it’s gender is definitely obvious. Oh well… now that Myles and Ria have 3 girls: Milan, the eldest; Audrey, the second child and now, the youngest – Paprika!

Yup! Milan and Audrey named their baby sister even before we all knew her gender. Surely, Ika will be her nickname. Sosyal!

And this is Paprika’s first photo taken:

Wish there was a chance to ask for a video copy of the baby actually moving inside Ria’s tummy.

Yesterday made me realize something. Makes me feel special. I’m grateful that I’m a woman.

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And So We’ve Landed…

… some actually… with caution of course.

We tried to follow the rules but sometimes being good isn’t enough.

Some got lucky. Some were noticed and halted. But as far as we know, we are successful enough. May be the luck we needed for this “mission” is not totally casted on our side. Succeeding trips were cancelled for the meantime. Perhaps it’s time to stop and rethink. But it doesn’t mean we are walking away.

The battle continues. We never stopped. We never rest.

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Losing It?

I am ready for tomorrow’s flight with my colleagues.

Bags packed… and still plenty of time to double check.

And yet, I feel… I dunno.

I know I have some deadline to beat for my own personal projects. I know it’s drawing near… and still…


I am not like this. And I don’t like it. I am not a slacker but it seems…

Is it the heat? Sh*t! I’m blaming it…


I’m worried. I hope I’d get back to my normal, OC system.


It Begins…

A few days from now I will be riding almost the same aircraft with some of my colleagues bound for a neighboring country. It’s an experience and sort of adventure. Riding in an airplane isn’t new to me anymore but the place and the people I am about to see and meet is really something to be excited about.

I won’t deny that I am a bit scared of some sort. I’m just glad I have good and trusty friends with me.

I shall elaborate it more when we get there safely.

May the good force be with us…


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Caught by the Spidey Bug

Ok, this is one quick blog. A few hours ago, I am one of the FIRST among the thousands of Filipinos who watched this movie:

Toby is still my Spider-Man

Overall, it was OK. But all the 3 villains combined in this movie, Doc Ock is still the best villain in ALL 3 Spidey movie to date! So, i guess Spider-Man 2 is still the best Spidey movie for me (and my VBF, Jose).

Remember there have been news that some actors of the said movie are having second thoughts if they’ll still be coming out as the same character in the next sequel. Well, watching certain scenes that made me react like “What the….” Now I know why these actors are having second thoughts. Hehehe…

The movie is fine with me. CG is still way better than The Hulk. There is still the infamous cameo appearance of Mr. Stan Lee himself with famous lines and we always notice how Mj’s outfits and shoes are soooo nice and pretty Ü But the movie for my VBF, Jose he is very much disappointed. He has been waiting for it for the past weeks since he got his hands on our sure seats advance tickets. Right after we watched it, he wanted to smash his head on the mirror and cry in blood in the men’s bathroom as he said it. I can’t blame him if there are some disappointing scenes (or more of shocking to me) since he is a comic reader… no, correct me, he’s an AVID fan of Spider-Man! truly, he is disappointed. He ate a lot for our lunch and up until I am writing this blog… he is still ranting (and still is beside me) 😦 I wonder how will Tobey get my VBF’s amor to Spider-Man (movies) back?

The ending? I’d say it was SAFE… whether there will be a seqquel after this movie or not, the ending is so-so. Like our comment with the storyline and dialogues in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is there an inflation of Filipino movie or telenovela writers invading Hollywood?

I’m not the type that spill the beans (that much)… I’d say go watch the movie! But don’t expect too much so you won’t get disappointed.

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