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For Real

I went home for the weekend to spent time with Tatay (my father). He is to fly for New Jersey tomorrow. I am happy for him of course but t the same time sad for myself. We will be far apart for quite some time.

Oh, yes. Can’t deny it now. I am not a spoil brat but I am daddy’s little angel.

I will miss him. Very much.

Tatay said he’ll fetch me from the office and take that chance to help me out put up the cabinet he bought me the other day! Yehey! We thought putting it up is just like building some structures with Lego blocks. But it took us hours… yikes!

(insert photo)

Here is an evidence of how my real Tatay (the one without a shirt on) and my other tatay-tatayan/college professor/friend/neighbor, Tats joined forces to help their daughter (that’s me!)

We went home a little past midnight. All are tired but I can say satisfied. The weekend will be spent mostly with Tatay.

I was awaken by familiar voices. It’s Nanay and Tatay fixing the backyard and conversing “normally”. Wow. Am I dreaming? It sounds so nice. I was happy to wake up despite realizing if it was too late for that “change” I am praying for. But just a few minutes I hear arguments.


Too good to be true.

But I sense there’s an attempt for some reconciliation somehow specially from Nanay’s part. Some attitude change? Whatever. Hopefully.

Tatay will be leaving tomorrow. It’s also his birthday… in flight. No stopping him now. I pray that God will protect my Tatay not just for the flight but for the whole time he’s away from us. I’m really going to miss him.

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Mga Kapanalig sa Iisang Pananampalataya

Bihira mangyari na lahat kami (mukhang) masaya at magkakasama sa iisang litrato.

Ladies and gentlemen… ang malupit na Design Team na kasama ako…

Katuwaan lang din po namin ang mga salitang nakatapat sa bawat tao. Kung anong mga ibig sabihin nun ay sa amin-amin na lang. Siguro kung close na tayo baka sabihin ko.


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The Same Ol’ Feeling

Yup. Not a great week just like the past weeks. But since one is living with it, might as well make the most out of it.

To get by or overcome some uncertain feeling even for just awhile, I went for a movie. I was in the verge of choosing between watching Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix or repeating Transformers. Took the latter because Rio and I are to catch a surprise party later that night. We watched the same movie, in the same cinema but separately. She has a date, I went in alone.

I missed the first part, up until the base was attacked. But it was ok. I’ve seen it full previously. And the point of this entry, I still have the same feeling for the movie as it was when I first viewed it. YES. Geek orgasm as some calls it, but for me, it was purely ahhhh… awesome. Still breathe-taking and since it’s my 2nd viewing, I looked at the details on the transformation more. It was like a dance by machines, mechanical beings… like a fusion of math and art. I never in my life thought in any event engineering and art would come together. College history, don’t ask.

Who wouldn’t like to have a cool car that fully automatic and transform into your personal bodyguard? Aka Bumblebee, the “Guardian”.

The voice of Optimus Prime is very authoritative in the sense that you’d respect it. But still my favorite is Bumblebee. Perhaps he’s more inclined to humans and sounding really a nerd, geek or even a loser… I can associate with the kid’s life. I don’t know, perhaps being single and all.

Ask if I’d watch it again? Yes. Definitely a YES. With this movie, I am proud to admit, I am perhaps still a kid at heart, a nerd and a geek.

Call me Wonder Girl, if you must!


One Day Event

Kung may mga kantang tulad ng “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko” at “Isang Linggong Pag-ibig”, meron na bang kantang nagsasabing nahulog ang loob mo sa pinakamaikling panahon?

Is it possible to fall in love on someone or something for just a day?


Wala lang… naisip ko lang na baka nga may kanta para sa ganoong scenario.

I did fell in love with this man from our client’s office. Well, up to now, hindi pa rin ako sigurado kung love nga ba ‘yun o init lang ng katawan. Whatever that is, wala rin naman akong napala. Kahit first base man lang. Whatever that means. He was just there in a not so right time. Siguro hinubong ko lang ang sarili ko na siya na nga. Thinking that we are of the same situation, (almost) the same principles, almost the same birthday and pareho kaming mahilig sa mga bata. But here I am still getting hurt or affected pa rin kapag I get to learn he ask this girl out, or harap-harapan siyang nakikipaglandian sa ibang babae samantalang nakaupo lang naman ako sa likuran ng kotse n’ya. Oh, and for the record that he’s doing that, alam n’ya that I kinda like him.

I perhaps created a fictional world for me to enjoy and be happy around this guy being my knight in shining armor and me as the princess in distress, trapped in the tower. Yet now, the tower starts to crumble. Or better yet, it has no lock after all. I pretty much can just open the door and go down the stairs! Well, it is I who should destroy what I built, right?

It’s no fairy tale, nor a happy ending.

Maglumandi s’ya kung kanino. Nabuhay ako at mas tahimik pa nga dati nung wala siya, ba’t hindi ngayon di ba?

Bitter Ocampo?! Sabi sa akin ng friends ko. Bitter na kung bitter. Napahiya ako e, disappointed. Ang plastic ko naman kung ngingiti pa ako di ba? May mga moments pa rin na tanga at gaga pa rin ako sa kanya. Lalo na may sungit moments din. Let me recover naman. As much as I wanted na sana isang sukahan na lang o parang umutot ka lang tapos wala na yung kabag sa tiyan mo, hindi ganu’n-ganu’n lang eh. Somehow may latak pa ring maiiwan di ba? May konting natitira sa sistema mo. Pero in due time, malilinis na rin. Sana merong parang Diatabs o Kremil-S na gamot para sa isang dignified recovery. (Plugging ba ito?)

Kahit papano, I feel I am recovering naman. Bumabawi na. Sabi nga bilis naman daw mag-bounce back (sa taba ko daw kasi) Hahaha! Fine! Mataba na kung mataba, papayat din ako noh. Sana. Anyway, balik sa naunang tanong: Is is possible to fall in love in the most shortest time? Kababawan di ba? Pero siguro, humanga lang ako pansamantala. Oo nga, I used this poor kid perhaps to get over that man in the other office. I used in the sense that I didn’t hurt anyone naman… bad ‘yun! ‘Yoko makarma noh. Door to door na ngayon at next day delivery na kaya ang karma!

Nakakatuwa lang. He helps me in a way na maka-recover or ma-divert ang utak ko. Pero hindi nga possible. Bakit?

1.) Di ko naman talaga siya type. Way out of the Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal at Collin Farrel ideology ko. ‘Wag na kumontra, pangarap nga eh. Libre lang ‘yun. Di ko kayo pinakikialaman ha?!

2.) I am old. Really OLD. And just the other day, I helped him out pa yata to realize na ang bata pa pala n’ya. Wow. I never dream of being a cradle snatcher, nor be in a May-December affair. Uso na nga daw ‘yun, but then again, hindi ako sumasabay sa mga uso. EVER.

3.) May sabit na siya. It’s a big deal for me. Although minsan may evilness na bumubulong sa akin na kasamaan na once in my life, I’d be a mistress or destroy a relationship… pero hindi ko kaya. As in. Lalo kapag pinagdidiinan na “mahal na mahal” n’ya.

In fairness, bibigyan ko na lang ng award ‘yung batang ‘yun. Sana nga tunay lahat nung pinapakita n’ya. His girlfriend would have been very lucky. What more kung magiging asawa na n’ya.

Timing was good siguro, in helping me get over the other one. But the scenario is quite bad, and the person? Lalo pa. Kataon lang, araw-araw mo katabi, nakikita, halos nakakasabay umuwi. Pero hindi rin. Nah. Hindi ko kaya. I am the writer of my own life. This is not a new chapter. Corny.

Nagkataon lang nga siguro.

If I may say this, it’s the wrong man, at a wrong place and definitely a wrong time.

And there’s no such thing as falling for a day or even fell for a day. Nagkataon lang… uulitin ko pa ulit… nagkataon lang. Pero kung pag-iisipan. Imbento lang e. Over analyzed.

As in OA.

Snapped back to reality, dear!

And besides, ayoko sa laging late.

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Transcribed from the original handwritten entry while waiting for almost an hour at Ayala MRT Station.

I don’t feel good today. Well, what’s new? The week did not seem to start right. So now I can say it is definitely a not-so-great-week for me. Some blame it on the weather. Some blame it on the stars. Even some blame it on my diet.


I really fell bad that I wanted to scream on someone till their eardrums explode. Though imagining it relieves me. Odd isn’t it? Yet almost suiting for me. Temporarily.

I really feel down again. I seemed couldn’t control my own life. As if it’s a machine owned by me yet being used by someone else. I always have to be the one to adapt for others, feel for others and if they’re not having a good life it is I who’s to be blamed.

Ask me now what happiness is? Simple –– being alone, by myself in my rented place and all the time to spare for myself and with whatever I decided to do –– that is HAPPINESS.

As far as I know, I’ve been a good person. A good and abiding daughter to my parents. I never brought trouble in our family. A good and reliable sister to my brothers. A good and loyal employee. A good and trusted friend to almost everyone and anyone. I could have done some backbiting once in awhile, out of anger and frustration. But it’s not my nature. As far as I know, I’ve never hurt or made anyone cry. It is I, who always get hurt.

Actually, it’s one in my list that wanted to achieve (hopefully) before I die –– to make some cry.

Weird as it may seems but it is in my list, to make someone cry. I always cry. I cry in my room, in the dark even at times in our work bathrooms just to hide. I wonder how it feels when you made someone cry… like making one’s life miserable? Could it be that fulfilling? Right now, I really consider it as an achievement… if it ever happens.


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A Concept on Coffee Houses

I was never comfortable going to farther places like Makati or Manila. My friends knew that I am a Quezon City or Ortigas person. But last Saturday, I agreed that we all met up in Robinson’s, not in Galeria as in Ortigas, but Place in Manila.

Yup. I rode the LRT Line 1 again. But let’s reserve that to another blog entry.

Going back, the my Robinson’s Place adventure, since I only went there once in a blue moon and usually with someone who really knows the mall like the back of his hand (hi, Jose!) I am confused to with street it is located: Is it Padre Faura or Pedro Gil? I found out, either way, it has entraces on both streets! Oh well…

We reached it and eat an early dinner in this kapampangan restaurant. But that is not what I am to blog. It’s this extraordinary coffee shop that we accidentally discovered!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYes. That’s a coffee shop that you see. I was amazed to see such “fancy” coffee shop. The group decided to try it out. The store is about to close in an hour and a half but we manage to get a really comfy area. Comfy enough that we took opportunity for a photo op:

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A corner of the area we got. With Atty. Ping and Ate Arma posing. The guy by the window, that’s on the other side, a booth type seat.

What we got was an area with cushioned seats/sofa with throw pillows! Really comfy.

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Now joined by Ate Neth.

What attracted me is the lighted mural in our area.

I can’t resist not to have a picture taken with it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And my “Ate’s” joined in!

Details of the mural:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The woman with battered wing in a coffee cup? Playing a sort of violin? Is she a devil or battered mother nature 9because of the leaves and twigs on her head that looks like a horn at first glance)? Conceptual I may say because each one who can see will have an explanation of their own!

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I always considered the moon as a masculine entity. Now seeing this would change that idea. Now I see myself as the winged-woman and the moon, my VBF, Jose! The art is really different. And I remember Jose drawing something similar to this… I think.

Now to what we had…

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I didn’t have all of this. (L-R) Lasagna by Ping, hot choco by Ate Neth and Triple Decker by well, it was shared to all. I wasn;t able to taste it because I am forbidding myself to take much of “sinful desserts”. It’s my cheat day though but I’m actually saving it for…


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It’s called Son of Dutch. It’s one of the Zonteas(?) they offer. It’s made with Milk Tea, Dutch chocolate syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream. It was good. Really good. Not to sweet and it isn’t bland.

Exploring further on the area, I found this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They have a website and a membership card? Hmmm…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Their mascot: Captain Pot. This is like a statuette I saw in one of the side tables beside the comfy sofa we sat on. And further exploration…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Comics? Wow! Here it was explained who’s Capt. Pot and gave us an idea who owns the place. My friends were impressed and me too. They created a story as a marketing campaign! Wise enough, I say.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Close up of the comic headline.

The group asked I think she’s the head or manager. Indeed one of the owners is a Dutch man and is planning to bring it to Netherlands. They still have satellite stores in Robinson’s Galeria, Mall of Asia and SM North Edsa, I think.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If I’ll be in the area, definitely I’ll get back here at Chaikofi and try their other dishes!

Try checking out their website, The store/coffee house is located at the far end of Robinson’s Place, Manila near the Padre Fauna entrance/exit.


No More Excuses

Despite the fact that we didn’t get our salary yesterday, I decided to buy a work table. I may be in debt and all… but now, I don’t have an excuse to finish my personal projects and work extra jobs to finance myself (and pay debts)…

Thanks to my really nice and supportive neighbor-friends!!!

Now, work!