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Wrap Up

2007 Christmas break was the longest Christmas vacation I’d ever had as an full-time employee for the past 8 years of being a member of the work force. Right after my Thai friend, Ten came and visited the country, I went home in my province and spent Christmas and New Year with my mother. Between those 2 holidays, there are some idle days that made me bored from watching TV and just being at home. So, I decided to hop on a bus and go back to Manila to check on my place and “clean” it. Yup. Despite the fact that I haven’t furnished it in a year, it still get dusty… pollution, what can I say?I guess once a workaholic, stays a workaholic? Nah. It’s not being addicted on work… I never was. I guess working is my pastime too? Oh my. Better think of other things to do beside “working” 😦 I really got bored in the province that even alone in my unit, I’d rather be there. Consider it a “me time”. I just stayed 2 nights there and went back home by the 30th.

So what did I do there? Aside from cleaning up, I fixed my cluttered stuff. Guess who are my other occupants?

And a new member of the group, that the givers (Tats and Gou-dess, my loving neighbors… thanks! Mwuah!) claim that he’s an elephant because they knew I loooooove elephants. It was an elephant that ate too much egg that made him transform into this…

Yup. That’s him. He still has no final name. May be someone can suggest what I’d name him 😉 Oh! I’d be needing 2 names. Because by the time I’ve posted this (because I’m late again) I have 2 of these elephant-parrots.

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Christmas Comes and Goes

It ended as fast as it came. That’s how Christmas is to me this year. Perhaps I am really getting older and really getting busy that I didn’t notice time has passed so quickly. The usual thing happens at this time of the year… cousins and relatives visit us and spend lunch and snack at our home. If last year, I was the “head”, this year my Nanay is with us and headed the kitchen in preparation for a small feast. It was Tatay who’s in the US and spent Christmas with my brother and his family.Since I lack time shopping for gifts (and missed my “therapy” by wrapping gifts), I decided to have a little game this year. The past years, when all the elders are with us, there usually a game if hide and seek. But instead of looking for a person, the children should look for the money hidden at certain areas by the elders. But since most of my cousins have kids already, and some of the elders are already elsewhere… I thought of making our trees a little special.My tree by the way. I bought and decorated it ever since I received my first full salary. Perhaps due to deprived blessings when I was a kid, I decided to get one for our family when I got the chance.

So, that tree that you see is not just decorated by merely Christmas ornaments.

This year I decided to put some envelops with some money in it. Then if luck is with you, you might be able to get at much as P500. If not, you’ll get P20. At first, I planned that only kids and my inaanaks shall pick an envelop. But my Nanay joined in as a sponsor too. There might have been almost 30 money envelops. So anyone, whether young or old, single or married, gets a chance to pick and test their luck in the money tree.

Nanay poses by the “money” tree

Me by the tree

It was fun. If the kid get P20, specially is he or she is my inaanak, I just give the kid some extra cash or an extra gift. Hey! It’s Christmas. It just comes once a year 😉 Anyway, Christmas is over. Next occasion to prepare… New Year and the eve of it!

From my Nanay and I, Maligayang Pasko at Manibagong Bagong Taon sa lahat!!! (Merry Christmas and a Properous New Year to everyone!!!)


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A Friend Visits The Philippines (Part 2)

After the get-togethers and Christmas parties, we brought our dear friend Ten to Tagaytay for lunch and a few chances of photo ops with him and some non-city view as a background…

Taal Volcano as background view seen at Leslie’s in Tagaytay. From left, clockwise: Reggie, Ten, Gian, Kuya Ricky, Tina and Apple.

Gian busy taking Ten’s photos Ü

Taal Volcano: world’s smallest volcano… surrounded by a lake and hurdles a lake inside it as well


Ten with new Filipino friends 😉

Me with Gian (photographed by Apple)… we look like a couple here… (ARGH! I look like pregnant here…)

At Leslie’s hanging bridge…

Bored due to traffic heading back to Manila, I’m practising taking self-portraits with the self-portrait experts, Gian and Apple.

After which most of  the group decided to go clubbing. Well, I’m not suppose to join them due to wardrobe “deficiency”, but I guess I was lucky to pass from those fashion police. We took some photos as we walked along the Greenbelt area.

Cy (2nd from left) was able to join us. Behind us is the newly opened Greenbelt 5. Gian took this photo by the way.

And the next day, we had lunch over at Shabu-Shabu Megamall, which perhaps out of hunger I completely forgot to take photos of what we ate and where we ate 😦 After that, we Jared joined me and Ten to hangout and catch a movie at the Cineplex in Shangri-La Mall. We watched “Enchanted” and we had snack and a few chats at Starbucks.

Ten by a movie standee…

2 boys in stripes… twins? Nah!

Still at Shangri-La Mall…

I guess ten can be a model… 😉

At this moment, Ten might be preparing for his trip back to Bangkok. He said he enjoyed his stay and really appreciate me spending time with him and showing him around. I really wish I had more time. I do hope he had fun and enjoyed his short visit.

Too bad his stay is quite short. It would have been nice if he could see the life in the outskirts of Manila. I hope he could come visit again and by that time, will surely bring him to the beach or even perhaps, in Boracay! He really wanted to go there 😉

Hey, Ten! If you happen to read this… I’m really happy you came and visit us here in the Philippines. Do come back, ok? Keep in mind you have friend here waiting for you 😉


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A Friend Visits The Philippines (Part 1) And My Team Got Our Break

I have posted in my blog entry before that there’s this Thai gentleman that took cake of me when I was in Bangkok. His nickname or how he preferred to be called is Ten. He just visited here accompanied by his Filipino manager (his boss-friend) and my Gian.To cut the story short, it was great that he visited. He somehow experience Christmas here and the “rush”… lots of people in malls, the horrible Manila traffic and the terrible commuter’s life (as compared to his city).And to add to that, my office decided to take some days off before the year ended (wahooo!!!). It was our chance to have a little bonding off the office and breathe fresh (or rather polluted) air and get some sunlight through our skin.Hmmm… perhaps it’s better if the photos will relay which part did Ten see here in Manila… and where me and my teammates went out for one fun-day…

Intramuros… the Walled City. Created during the late 1500’s in protection of the Spanish regime to pirates and moros. Inside this city, we went to Fort Santiago…

The Fort Santiago Gate

Gian, Ten, Myles, Rio and Aileen… by the bridge in front of Fort Santiago

A team of heroes poses… hehehe! Goofy actually… photographed by Myles

3 Heroes: Gian and Ten… with Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal


And more pose… Hmmm… Is God talking to us here through that ray of light? 😉

This can pass as a movie poster, right? 😉

It seemed that we are in some place in Europe here… thanks to Myles who took this shot Ü

A photo for a magazine? Could be 😉 But wait, is Myles floating in this photo? Hehehe…. nice! 😉

After which, we went across to Manila Cathedral

Ten poses by the fountain in front of the reknowned church… looks like he’s in Spain? 😉

In a wing inside the church…

I see 2 angels here… can you see the 2nd one? 😉

I give this photo a title “I give up”… a detailed woodwork sculptured on the doors of the cathedral.

An angel by the gates of Heaven? Hahaha… it’s Ten, outside the doors of Manila Cathedral.

Too bad we ran out of time that we missed to ride the kalesa and go around Intramuros further. I guess most of hungry, and that we headed to have lunch to one of the top 10 biggest malls of the world: the SM Mall of Asia.

FOOOOD!!! For Ten and the hungry bunch 😉

And look what we found inside the mall…

Lost in MOA? Chaktujak or Jatujak… it’s a weekend market in Bangkok actually, but a Thai resto here in MOA.

And the day ended in the Aberdeen Great Eastern Hotel where Gian and Ten stayed for a few days. (Actually, the Design Team minus me still went to Eastwood to hangout. I decided to stay with Gian and Ten for awhile)

Ten and Myles looked funny here with their eyes… hehehe!

More photos on the next entry…Advance Merry Christmas, by the way… 😉


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Boracay Specialty

I know I still owe you guys the post on the Boracay trip I had. Every since I got back from the trip I had to “chase” what I’ve missed off the island: my duties at work and with my family and to top it all off, I got SICK right after the trip…


But with all the events, circumstances and unexpected situations that arises, here I am trying to blog and update and “break” the usual chasing routine. I am still sorting the photos of the Boracay wedding. Trying to pick my best choices to help Ate Marj and Den with their selections as well. But as for now, Jose posted and updated the couple’s website. Check out the initial photos there.

My faves are the sunset shots 😀

But what rocked our worlds (“our” pertains to new friends met in Boracay that also participated in the wedding… Hello, Dang and Ronnie! And to Finjane, Thanks again!) are these signages that we came across!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We found them in an eskinita or small street connecting the beachfront in station 3 to the busy island street parallel to the beach area.

Now that’s the attempt to please and communicate with the foreigners that bring the largest percentage of income in the island. A little wrong in word position or usage it is but my, my… it made me laugh that day! Filipinos are perhaps innovative. Who knows there might really an air conditioner with TV that exist. Don’t you just love how “creative” we are 😉


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State of Mind (Part 2)

Since I have nothing to write about, why not dwell a little bit more of the “state of mind” thing again. But this time, in my own perspective… or rather in my own experience.

As I’ve said previously, we choose who we like or love, hence it’s both a state of mind.

Let’s take some scenario of 2 guys with identities of Guy 1 and Guy 2. Comparatively speaking…

Guy 1                                        Guy 2
– cute/handsome                   – cute/handsome
– nice and entertaining         – nice and entertaining
– talked to                               – talked to
– gone out with                       – gone out with
– not met by everyone           – not met by everyone
– liked or everyone has a
crush on him

Crossing out the similarities, Guy 1 is dominant than the other by equation and perhaps due to popularity based on looks because not everyone has met both of the guys.

Now, since I’m the one in concern, it’s my story and I’ve chosen Guy 2 for these realizations:

– Guy 1 is really cute/handsome and also very nice. To think he could have been “build up” to me because general public likes/likes him. Popularity wise, he is the winner.

– I could really have liked/fallen for Guy 1 BUT Guy 2 came in the scene.

– But as always, I don’t go for popularity. I’d always go for the simple and non-popular ones. To think a lot of my lady friends liked Guy 1, imagine the competition 😉

Persuasion is also a choice. You get to be pursued by the majority or you CHOOSE your own path. In this case, it’s who I’ll like (or love?).

To simplify it further, I don’t go for the majority usually. Perhaps thinking that I may have rivals, I also prevent “complications” to occur. Plus I don’t just get stuck into the physical attributes of a person. Don’t get me wrong. Both guys are really, really nice… beyond what I really expect. I got to know and be with these guys more than the judging majority. Guy 2 just have that something got me to like him more than Guy 1.

But all the same, I may have chosen Guy 2 over Guy 1. Liked Guy 2 more than Guy 1. But I won’t be pursuing neither. Why? Both are quite younger than me.

See? After all the explanation of Guy 1 and Guy 2, after all the equation, computations and analysis I end up with none of them because that’s what I’ve chosen. I do feel “excited” when Guy 2’s online, when he drops some SMS or just seeing our photos together. It’s nice to feel the “kilig” or tingling feeling once in a while. But you know what? In the end you’ll always be JUST friends.

So there you have it. A proof that love is indeed a state of mind.


Back to Boracay

A few hours ago closed the day that I once again set foot here in a renowned beautiful paradise of Boracay. Thanks to Ate Marj and Denden who are getting married here, took me and Jose (Ate Marj’s brother) as their official photographers. 

Traveling took most of the day yesterday. We passed by their grandmother’s place, Lola Upeng, their late father’s aunt in Kalibo before heading for the island. It was timely that when the sun set, we’ve reached the Marzon’s Resort where we are to stay. Tired, I was unable to reach for my camera to seize the sunset right in front of me. I just watched and savored it beauty as the circular orange slowly disappeared down the horizon of clouds and the sea.

It was a breathtaking sight! What a way to welcome me back here in the island.

But as for now, we prepare for Ates moment. Expect some partial photos in the upcoming days.

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