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Davao Trip-Day7 and My Last Day

As always, I am late in blogging again. Same as the previous entry. This one’s written while I was waiting for my flight back home… 

Ok my time is up. I am already here in the airport and I am bound back to where I came from.

The gate and my flight’s time departure. DLA means Delayed Arrival I guess… for more than an hour!

My boarding pass…

I am really going back. Vacations over. Back to reality.

Now, to anyone who asked what the hell I am to do in my 1-week time in Davao, read my past entries! I had lots to do, 1-week time isn’t enough!

Yesterday was allotted in buying my presents to family and friends. I did a couple of rounds already a few days ago. I got myself a pair of pearl earrings, a sarong, some sari, wallets, bandanas for friends and a few kilos of pomelo for my family. I guess if my budget isn’t limited plus my baggage, I’ll be hoarding more pomelos and sarongs. Hehehe.

I was early to check in. My flights about 6PM and I’m in the airport around 4:30PM. My flight was delayed to 6:30PM. Typical of domestic flights in the country. Davao International airport is impressive. Way better than the Domestic Airport in Manila. It has Wi-Fi too bad it isn’t free. So I decided to write my way out so I won’t notice the time.

Well, my Day 7 in Davao is a little slower and stayed more in the house updating my blogs, sorting photos and doing my shopping. Went around the market area with Ate Neth and Ate Ajie. And right after dinner, they brought us in this place called Venue.

It’s a music bar. A wholesome family music bar, if I may say so. Smoking isn’t allowed and kids are really allowed inside the bar. Francis and Isabel are with us. I was kind of lazy to bring out my cam to take pictures. The management was kind of strict when they notice that Janggo was just wearing sandals. They kind of have a “dress code”. For men, slippers or “sandals” are not allowed. Janggo and Kuya Ge had to go back to their house to find Janggo some shoes that would fit him.

For a group of 6 it was I think about P300 or more but the fee is consumable! They had a couple of pitchers of beer, and believe it or not, I just had a couple of glasses of ice tea…and dove my hands in the munchies, hehehe!

There was a couple of bands in the line up. We saw the same band playing in Jack’s Ridge plus the other band was said to be from Manila. As expected they had 2 sets to play alternately. People were dancing, except me. I’d rather watch, drink (my ice tea and eat). Perhaps I am tired that I am not that anxious compared the other days. Or I am just sad that I knew my days is Davao is up.

By the 2nd set of the 1st band, I am passing out. Really. I was falling asleep even if the music was dance and upbeat. I went home with Ate Len and Kuya Ge. Just after changing into my PJs, I was drop-dead snoring.

The next day, early morning, I packed my things.

My Last Day

Nothing mucb of course. The saddest day perhaps when I came to me that it is indeed my last day in Davao. Just did few last packing of my pomelos and double checking my things.

We had lunch at Picobello, an Italian restaurant. Between 2-5pm they have a 50% promo. We had 4 different kind of pizzas and 2 pastas. We are all hungry I guess that I didn’t manage to take photos of the delicious food.

Their menu.

Gotcha, Francis! He’s drinking his mom’s mango juice!

Presenting the yellow team, kidding! Ate Len, Annie, Isabel and Janggo.

The nicest people that gave me a great vacation in Davao!

Kuya Ge, Francis and Ate Len

Ate Neth (my “ate” who gave me my Davao trip ticket as a present… Thank you so much!) and her talented and accommodating daughter, Isabel.

And Ate Ajie who was not in the picture.
Pepay who’s in her girls Scout camping.
Peng who’s at work on a Saturday (sipag!).

Again, thank you guys sooooo much for giving me a wonderful time in Davao. For inviting me and letting me a part of your family for 1 week Ü And for opening their doors again for my next visit…

Again and again… thanks a lot…

Daghang salamat!


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Davao Trip-Day6

My time is Davao is really up. As my last days here draws near, its making me “love” the place MORE.

It’s my 3rd to the last day. And my previous tan line isn’t enough to culminate my beach life in my short-lived vacation in Davao. So, as Ate Neth’s planned itinerary for us, another trip to a known beach resort called PARADISE ISLAND: Park and Beach Resort*. It’s also in Samal Islands. But instead of riding a barge because we brought the van, this time we simply went to a port where there’s a boat ride just bound to the said resort.

Simple as 1-2-3.
1.) Ride the boat bound for Paradise Island Resort. Fee: P12.00 (one-way)
2.) Disembark at the resort port. Pay P85.00 entrance.
3.) Enjoy.


The boats that pick up and drop off people to and from the resort.

Isabel, me and Pepay enjoying the short boat ride to the resort.

Janggo’s been quite from the house till the boat ride. L-Q? (lovers’quarrel)

The ride took about 3 to 5 minutes. It’s almost smooth sailing except on some parts that quite “wavy”.

A mountain sight during the boat ride. Not quite sure if it’s Mt. Talomo or Mt. Apo itself.

The beach front

Francis and I think that was Isabel at the beach front.

Pepay and Ella, there newly met friend sculpting I think either the whale or the turtle.

Francis playing with his toy car by the sand castle we built.

The sand is not totally white as that of Boracay but it’s fine and well, almost white. The feel is good enough to built structures like sand castles or so some sand sculpting with a little help from molders and water. Too bad our sand castle, whale and turtle were stepped on by some kid from the next table before I was able to take some photos of our work of art 😦

The waters are shallow in the mornings usually and is VERY clear. It’s my first time to encounter where it seems the waters have 2 temperature! The lower warm and the upper part is colder. I was even teasing the kids not to pee when they are near me. That I knew they are peeing since the waters are warm… hehehe.

Some proofs how clear the water is:

Here’s my reliable aqua shoes submerged in water. I’m already a few feet away from the shore. Water is just almost half way my lower leg.

Ate Ajie and Isabel posing by the shore.

Then Isabel attacks Ate Ajie. Attempting to get a piggy or shall we call it a turtle-back ride?

Ella and Pepay by the shore.

We didn’t stay later than 3pm. We were told that the tides usually come in by that time and the waves are quite nasty too. We had fun anyway, and my “tan” is enough already 😉

We weren’t able to visit the mini zoo in the resort. But on our way back to the boat, we found out that you can feed the fish and swim with them for a fee. Shocks! Lost opportunity 😦 Well, it’s another reason for me to come back though… hehehe.

Click here to view a short video I took on how clear the water is and what kind of fish are found just by the resort’s shore.


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Davao Trip-Day5 (Part 2)

I had to cut my previous entry short. It’s getting longer and I believe the next one deserves a separate entry as an acknowledgment.

It has been planned long before I came in Davao that I had to be brought to this tapsilugan place which Isabel’s considers the BEST restaurant in the world.

For terminology sake, tapsilugan is the place where tapsilog the food/meal is served. So what is a tapsilog? It’s the syllables of the 3 words of food/meal put together. Expanding it:

tap (for “tapa”, it’s a Filipino term for fried beef)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

After which, anything paired or served with “sinangang” at “itlog” is known to be part of the menu in a *tapsilugan* place. And with that, you can see how imaginative and creative Pinoys are. Some examples of food combinations:

to (for “tocino”, it’s a Filipino term for cured pork)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

bang (for “bangus”, it’s a Filipino term for milkfish)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

pork (for porkchops)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

And those are just to name a few.

So what’s the known (and considered BEST) tapsilugan in Davao City?

An animated chicken and cow for a logo: nothing new but still for a common tapsilugan, this one isn’t common at all.

The place is simply named as TAPS.

They serve the usual combinations, plus some dual-combinations such as tapa-tocino, bangus-tapa, etc. The restos color theme are the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and they have the usual setup of tapsilugan that you sit on an elevated stool and dine in a sort of a counter table.

Isabel is right. If it isn’t the best resto, it is one of the best. The servings are big and for a meal priced as P45.00, it’s definitely worth it! But what makes it more unique is the wittiness of the owner or whoever thought of their posters to market the food and the place:

Either you find it corny or witty, still whoever thought of this, I give him credit!

And for incorporating their name (TAPS) in a statement plus associating it to another meaning (Magsi-TAPS, short for “magsitapos” = those who graduated… someone is really doing some head cracking for the resto!

And like Ate Neth, who craved for dessert, just beside the resto TAPS, is a known café. When you’re a Filipino or Tagalog and happen to see their posters or just read the place’s name, you’ll definitely known what they specializes at:

Isn’t it obvious?

And the café’s name… plus their funny tagline. (Sagging as to progressive tense of “sag” and same word sounds like “saging”, Tagalog for banana.) Someone’s doing their homework on… what do you call that? Homonyms?

It was mentioned that the owner of the 2 places are the same. Well, if it isn’t I bet they have one marketing group! The ambiance and lighting of the café is the usual yellow-lighted coffee shops but the posters are funny AND they serve pastries all and about, you guessed it: BANANA (or “Saging” in Tagalog)

Another witty poster. Saging at Kape: Ang bagong magka-peeling!

If you translate it by concept, it would mean, ‘Banana and Coffee: The New Couple (or Pair). But not they used the word “peeling” in which associated with an action you do before eating a banana plus the same word was substituted from “magkaPILING” which mean “together”.


The area is said to be FREE Wi-fi. Too bad I wasn’t able to bring Taynee (my AlBook) to test. But I believe it’s true because, this poster is placed in the very same KASAGINGAN KAPEHAN:

Monkey still associated with banana. The poster says (the one in red box, below “NO”) “Bawal magbrowse ug porno sites. Kung gahi ka’g ulo, hawa na lang”. It means, “If you’re hard-headed and still insist on browsing porn, go away!”. And “Maulaw ka oy!” means “Be shameful!” (or something like that).



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Davao Trip-Day5 (Part 1)

Been busy since I came back from the trip. Good thing I wrote my fun times and saved it. Below was my almost nearing the ends days in Davao.

My days in Davao is almost over. And a Davao visit isn’t complete without paying a visit the Bird Sanctuary in Malagos, Davao that holds the famous Philippine Eagle.

A specie of Philippine Hawk greeted us on the entrance-bridge of the bird sanctuary. It is among the 2 Philippine hawk that is not chained nor caged in the area.

And a few unique purple flowers is seen hanging on trees along our path. I think this purple flower belongs to the orchid family.

The area is really a forest yet no beast is at large. Hehehe. The place is so serene if you are a nature lover, this is a place to visit.

A sample of a forest area. I was hoping something or someone will pop out from that tree. Hehehe.

When I look up, this beautiful scene captured my attention. Dramatic lighting effect, I say!

Tarzan, Jane and kids? Swiss Family Robinson? Nah! It’s the kids (Pepay and Isabel) with Annie and Janggo on a tree cottage.

Is this the spider that turned Peter Parker into a superhero?

I am tense and excited to see the king of birds. The area made me felt like hiking into the woods… for real! I get to see such great creature in photos and read about them in books when I was a kid. It was always mentioned in every history book that I could recall that the Philippine Eagle is in the brink of extinction that’s why such wildlife preservation sanctuary such as in Malagos are built.

This is one of the largest cage built for the Philippine Eagle. These large cages where quit far from where the visitors are standing in view. This is the nearest my cam can get. I guess they do that so the creatures won’t be bothered.

I have mixed emotions when seeing the bird and where they are at. Reading the signage per cage, it indicates either the eagle it holds is captured or breed in captivity. As I can recall, there were about a dozen or less of these birds in display. I dunno how many there are in the nursery.

I wasn’t able to note down the names of each Philippine Eagle I saw. The still renowned PAGASA is still there (or was it KABAYAN?) Either of the two died a few years ago when released from captivity. The eagle got electrocuted in a fence when it attempted to flew back in.

This is the Philippine Eagle named GEOTHERMICA(?) or something like that. It was place far from the rest of the Philippine Eagle and in a smaller cage. I wonder why it is so. It also has the weirdest name compared to the rest of their pact that were mostly based from Filipino/Tagalog words. It is to this creature that I stayed long just looking at it.

I can’t remember if it was Pepay or Isabel that was with me when I was staring at this Philippine Eagle. But I remember myself telling the kid that they were lucky enough that at their age, they get to travel and see these creatures mentioned in books alone. I feel at awe being in that sanctuary and seeing the creature. I had to be 30 to see it in actual form. Wow! Wish I have friends with me who will feel the same way as I do.

The whole is area holds different creatures like deer, hawks, boars, monkeys and flowers. But it was the eagles that holds their main attraction. A few photos I’d like to share taken by yours truly and by my apprentice, Isabel.

A specie of the Philippine Hawk. It’s name is in relation to its white marking in its chest.

The heat is quite intense but the trees gives shade but in general, the lighting was great for taking great outdoor photos.

Pepay and Francis along the arch of flowers and vines.

Gumamela’s pistil… photo by Isabel

Purple flower… photo by Isabel

A bunch of Chinese bamboo that seemed to be in the heart of the park’s sanctuary.

And a good background for an photo op: Ate Neth, Isabel, Pepay, Francis and Ate Ajie.

And would I miss my opportunity too? Thanks Ate Neth and Isabel!

A bunch of mushrooms by the trunk seats: it seemed to be another world, says Ate Neth

A great sighting, a Philippine Hawk freely (I mean, no chains or chord) flying and wondering along the park.

I wasn’t able to capture leaves falling from the trees. But here are some shots that reminded me of autumn in US.

And our closing for our first stop:

It was past noon when we left Malagos and headed to a nearby town. We got an invitation from Ate Neth’s friend, Francis who owns a unique farm in the said district. We had lunch there. The grilled hito was delicious. It has rolled tanglad or lemongrass inside the fish as spice that gives that different flavor and aroma.

Some unique animals Francis is breeding in his farm:

Is it a turkey or a peacock? I really don’t know what fowl they are.

A wild (yet looks like it was tamed already) deer handed over by a native to Francis.

Isabel is feeding the wild deer. Accidentally, the kids picked lemongrass instead of the regular wild grass. The deer didn’t eat the lemongrass.

Photo op: by the beautiful entrance to Francis’ farm. I am quite “in love” with the curtain-like vines hanging over us. So…

…why would I miss a chance to have my photo taken with the group?!

Our last and final stop… Eden Nature Park!

Short background: A part of the area is located at the foot of Mt. Talomo, the mountain prior to Mt. Apo, the height mountain in the country. Well, despite the tour guide that I wished she opens her mouth well enough for us to understand more what she’s talking about… the place is serene and if you are really a nature lover, you will appreciate a trip or even to stay in such place. As I heard, it is owned by a family of Ayala, but not the Ayalas related to the Zobels, but more of Joey Ayala and Cynthia Alexander’s family (I think). The place has wild trees, flowers and organic gardens. The tour guide said that Mrs. Ayal brought some seeds/plants from different parts of the world and planted it herself in the area. That statement, made my brows raise.

I really loved the place. Even though it was raining when we came, the climate added a few dramatic effects of the tour. We were raiding in this small vehicle. It made me feel like it was a local version of Jurassic Park tour. Hehehe.

Photo op: Common bounggavillas grown and trimmed on an umbrella shaped poles for them to crawl at.

It was starting to drizzle. These flower umbrellas come to use then!

Before the rain started to pour, Isabel was able to take this lovely flower photo.

Some organic greens on one of the highest points in Eden. Too bad the weather is rainy and fogging. It was from that point that it was overlooking a part of Davao City and a part of Samal Islands.

By the greens and with the kids enjoying a lazy ride on the swing.

With Francis, who seemed to be more interested to play with the flowers on the well than to have his picture taken.

A small nipa hut, a rest spot perhaps with a nice view.

Me and the kids, on a bench by the nipa hut.

They said God is talking to you and saying that there’s “hope” when you see a rainbow.

And I forgot what “unique” flower this is.

Ate Neth and I are amazed on how a tree is put to a value… monetary value!

Well, no one sees such remarkably vain creatures everyday! A peacock and some peahen.

I don’t see peahens everyday, what more a white one! I even told myself then, will this white creature change into a beautiful maiden at night? Reading and watching too much myths and fairytales, I guess.

Too bad I wasn’t able to capture in photo or video when the peacock did a little courtship or displayed himself with the bunch of peahens. I was at awe (and stunned) watching it spread its tail.

Well, the best part for me in our visit to Eden is the Indiana Jones ride. And by the name itself, would you imagine how I was at that ride? Click here to view.

The video reminds us how gravity works and some laws on Physics plus the co-relation of mass and volume to the inertia and gravity. All these we encounter way back in our high school or college days! All it equates to one thing… I HAD FUN!!!

A good way to de-stress. Well, the shouting was the de-stresser I guess Ü I did shouted my heart out on my first try. It was the stopping-swinging or the “throw back” that made my knees shake when I got down. I jumped off in shock. Good thing I didn’t roll down or you can imagine an elephant in mud rolling down a hill… hahaha!

And our time in Eden ended with this photo:


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Davao Trip-Day4

Let’s go a little historical. This time our itinerary is to go to around the city. First stop…

Davao Museum

I was a little bit disappointed that the museum isn’t that much. Plus it was under renovation. Well, at least half of the flooring of the ground floor was. But come to think of it, it was way better to have one than nothing at all.

What did I learn from the museum tour? I am still a geek and a sucker for information, artifacts, etc. They give emphasis on the migration of Japanese and Chinese people in Davao during the pre and post war. There was one entry that I recall saying that some Japanese men married Manobo women (or even princesses) because of scarcity of Japanese women? I say it was just some move to migrate the place and get an easy access on whatever they wanted to get their hands filled with.

Anyway, some moments with the kids in the museum.

Pepay, Francis and I think that we are part of the courtship ritual dance of these statues!

Actually, I am trying to steal the heart of this guy with my lips puckered up! Hahaha!

Seemed my charm doesn’t work even on statues. Have my photos along with the kids on the *kulintang* player instead.

The endorser pose… or rather the famous tourist pose, by where one have been! Thank, Isabel for taking Tita Nemcy’s photo.

Karaoke Night in Davao

A few bumps and turns before we finally enjoyed the night. We were advised to have a little fun that night by going to a karaoke or videoke bar just a few blocks away from the house we are staying. Fine with me! I’m not a singer but lately I’ve been such a sucker of videoke singing. And besides, no one knows me in Davao, might as well sing my heart out… again.

Where we are to sing. You can take the name of the videoke bar literally.

First things first… initially, I thought I misread the SMS message of Ate Neth that the videoke we are going to just charge P100/hour. But it was for real! It IS P100 per hour! Wehehehe. If we didn’t go there quite late (9PM is really late for locals there), we could have stayed there for more than 2 hours!!!

A photo op with Ate Ajie, “seriously” singing her song… Somewhere Down The Road. To whom it was dedicated? I don’t know… YIHEE!!!

I found my usual videoke song, All Out of Love by Air Supply. And who would have thought that the kids (Isabel and Pepay) knew the song!? So they you go, Isabel almost took the mic from me!

Isabel and Pepay, staying up late for the night… to sing!!!
For a while it was “peaceful”… finally, the two kids took turns with the mic.

My turn! Signature song being played… Babe by Styx. Got 97 for that… Yehey! The secret: Loud voice and follow the lyrics. Wehehe!

What to expect for the P100/hour videoke bar:

The controller buttons. Unlike in Manila, some videoke bars have computers per room and choosing your song will be via remote control. At least it’s not the P5.00/song where you need to drop the coin first before punching the song number codes.

TV and the room. Not too small or big. Just enough to accommodate 6 persons. Leather black seats/cushions and the aircon is cold enough. Somehow the walls are padded to somehow make it a little sound proof.

Over all, I had fun. It’s videoke anyway. For P200 (no drinks or pica-pica) in Davao is a good way to have good, clean, wholesome fun (remember we have kids with us that night).

By the way, I lost my voice for quite a few hours early morning the next day. It was hot salabat or ginger brew that I drank in breakfast that made me well after singing my heart’s out!


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Davao Trip-Day3

A little after lunch when the afternoon heat is tolerable, Ate Ajie (Ate Neth’s eldest sister) accompanied us to the *Crocodile Park*. Unfortunate for us, there isn’t any fascinating show. Plus, they were sort of renovating the biggest area that holds quite a number of crocodiles. We only get to see how they feed the crocodiles where one of the zoo keepers enters the crocs cage and feeds the. Other than that we just went around the park, that holds not just the famous crocs but also some animals as well.

Photo Op: You don’t get to see these birdies out of their cages!

It was quite hot that day. A reason to be just a non-moving, lazy creature under the sun.

A really hot day. Some crocs decided to have a dip.

the croc on the left is eyeing on me. It seemed to know I’m taking his picture!

The size of a few months old crocodile.

Pangil, the largest crocodile in captivity. That big can make lots of bags and wallets. Kidding!

Close up of Pangil, open-mouth. Is he asking for food? Nice color when sun’s rays hits the croc skin.

A few photos of the animals in the park:

The Ostrich… can’t capture this huge bird with a human reference. It kept on running around his quite small cage/area.

Human’s cousin: The Urangutang. There were two of them in their cage.

These birds are so pretty with their colorful feathers. And quite flexible too, they could scratch or rather nibble their back!

More photo op again:

The biggest phyton in captivity. Annie send it feels cold and is REALLY heavy.

Thanks, Isabel for taking my pictures… with this baby phyton. Now, can I be candidate for Miss Earth? Hehehe. Do I look scared and in struggle with a phyton here?!

I’m carrying the croc in a cradle position but I’m not his mommy.

You sure we don’t look the same? :p

Now, time to goof around…

Is there a resemblance?

Francis is so cute! He’s the one who thought of the idea to put his head inside the croc’s mouth. Hehehe!

And look! Is it a bird? Nah, it’s just a Cebu Pacific plane passing over the park. Able to capture it… thanks, to the zooming powers of G5 😀

And while waiting for our cab to head back to the city… a few more poses to end the visit…

With Francis and Isabel… and my majestic Egyptian-like pose! Hahaha!

We spend a few minutes in Uyanguren, where I got myself an imitation of a famous bag that really looks like it for just P300! Sorry, can’t show it here. Perhaps when I’m using it and see each other. We walked around the area with Ate Ajie, Annie, Janggo and the kids. The market place reminded me of Divisoria and a few buildings and walkways, like Binondo Ü

And what’s the best way to end a day…. A sumptuous dinner! Ate Len picked us up from Uyanguren and headed to *Malatibas*. It’s like a strip of carinderia of barbeques and grilled food on sticks. Annie said it reminded her of Cebu’s food strip.

Here is the groups favorite joint. Ate Len is choosing some barbeque for the group.

Notice the price board on the wall? The food is really cheap and tastes soooo good. If your into barbeque or anything grilled (plus into drinking… hehehe), this is the place!

The best among the rest of the chains here in Malatibas.

Isaw (chicken intestine), rice and soup is just the initial barbeque that I had.

Barbe-ques: really on que or line to be tasted. All are so yummy! The secret is their barbeque sauce I guess… YUM-YUM!

After that, we all went home really full and happy. The group dared us (Annie and me) to try durian. Annie went for it. Me? I honestly can’t take it, nor bare the smell.

Here are the gals you LOVED durian! (L-R) Peng, Annie and Pepay.

Annie said durian tasted like cheese? HUH?!


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Davao Trip-Day2

Sunday morning and it’s officially my 2nd day in Davao. As was planned yesterday, we are to visit the beach where Ate Neth bought a piece of land.

Left Ate Neth’s place around 8:00AM and was fetched by Ate Len and Kuya Ge’s. I really have no idea where exactly we are going. All I know at this time is that we are going to the beach at Vanishing Island.

Ok, me a really a first timer in Mindanao. And me, being bad in names and now, geography… learned that the island we are heading called Samal is indeed in Mindanao after all!

The first ones who hopped in the van (while all the mommies are busy preparing our baons for the whole day.

So how did we get to Samal Island? We should riding a boat, obviously. BUT little that I know that when we ride the boat, we are to bring the van along as well! Cool!

The barge we are to board on.

A part of the Samal Island… view from the barge.

The trip to Samal from the moment we boarded the barge took more or less 10mins. The barge boards buses and commuters heading for Samal too. Once in the island we were first greeted by a few meters of rough road but afterwards road is pleasant and road trip was a breeze.

Road view from the van (I’m a back seater)

Me and the kids enjoying the trip.

And guess what we saw by the road as we head towards Vanishing Island?

Lechon! Photo taken by my apprentice, Isabel.

How they cook it? Pig pinned by a long pole, roasted by rotating it over charcoal.

The delectable product… mouth-watering!

It was known to be a delicacy from Samal. And indeed it was! Back in Bulacan, lechon is usually paired with somewhat a gravy sauce. But here in Samal, it can be paired with just vinegar like the lechon from Cebu are can be eaten as it is… YUM-YUM!

A few more minutes on cemented and dirt roads alike, we reached Brgy. Tambo.

The small boat we are to ride to get to the Vanishing Island. Arrowed: that’s where the Vanishing Island is.

Boarding the boat.

Tambo, Babak District of Samal, where we came from.

Photo Op: Ate Neth, Peng and yours truly.

Kuya Ge, Ate Len and Francis

Ate Ajie and Isabel

The Lovers’ friendster pose… hehehe!

Self-taken photo

And we are just a few minutes away from the island

The Island with mangroves. And is still ‘vanished’.

The boat ride took about less than 10 minutes. Ate Neth said it was their earliest trip their and perhaps the reason why the sand (or the island itself) is still submerged in sea water when we got there.

It was said that the mangroves growing there specifically grows only in that area. And would you believe, the said island is privately own by I think a rich Chinese family in that area.

See how deep the island is submerged in sea water when we got there.

The group are sitting on the sand.

Seated: Pepay, Ate Neth and Isabel

Anchored boat with Ate Ajie and Peng.

Miss World, Miss Neth Daño… nice pose Ate Neth!

Some parts are swallow. Some are just ankle high when standing. Our mission that time is to collect whole dollar shells. It was my first time to see such species. I was told that usually the live ones are seen beside a starfish. Perhaps they are symbiotic with each other, sort of like partners I guess.

How a dollar shell looked like.

Pepay and Ate Neth, comparing perhaps what they collected so far.

Tell a story about this photo: Ate Ajie seemed to be waiting for someone from the island she’s looking at… or she’s looking back from where she came from because she’s an escapee from that island? Hehehe!

The boatman said that the water will usually subside around 11AM. We didn’t wait for it anymore since all seemed getting hungry and our skin are almost getting burned by the sun.

You know what are our sun shield…

Beach Hut Max and Beach Hut Hair and Scalp!

The group were fascinated by the high SPF Beach Hut Max have (75++). The Hair and Scalp really works, my long hair didn’t tangle nor became frizzy. I am not a usual sun block user but thank God I used it that time, because if I didn’t I guess up until now I won’t be able to type or enjoy the later days of my break.

I should have used it more vigorously to ensure that I won’t get burned. I have a few redness on top of my shoulders 😦

We headed back to the mainland to have a hefty lunch. We looked for a shaded area and spread some mats and enjoyed this:

Packed lunch or is it Brunch. No one had breakfast out of excitement I guess.

Happy Eaters… need I say more.

Fruit Bat Island?

I have been fantasizing that I am Batgirl, Batman’s female counterpart well, since I don’t know when. I was told that we are to visit a “bat cave”. I secretly thought, could this be my initiation as Batgirl? Well, obviously I was over reacting and expected too much from just hearing the word “bat cave”. They isn’t any Bruce Wane or Bat mobile insight of course. Instead, they showed me these:

All those above are just a few shots of bats in the 5 cave entrances to the bat lair all situated in the same place in the same island. All those bats in one area… plus some mommies nurturing to their babies hanging by their tummies upside down too! Nature’s wonders… AMAZING!!!

Close-up of bats…

There were viewing areas from the top of those caves. 4 out of 5 cave entrances seemed to be just holes at the bottom of the rocky terrain we are standing at. Ate Neth said that the family clan that owns the land protected the bats sanctuary for years and later formed an organization with the help of Ate Neth. A well-known scientist on bats came to the Philippines to study these species. They went down in those caves with no gears, no masks and did the researches, measurements, and the like. It was addressed later on by these scientist that the island is hosting the LARGEST fruit bat colony in the world! They even found some new species of phytons and other snakes inside those caves.

Sharing some footages I took from my handy dandy Canon G5.

Film clip 1
Film clip 2

I wish cam has some special device that can record the smell of the place so you can experience the unique smell of the place… hehehe! The site was amazing but if you have a weak stomach, I don’t think you’d last even just a few minutes near the gave.

Well, so much for my dream of stating, “Folks, to the Batcave!”…

After visiting the 5 bat caves, there was some drizzle on the island. We hanged out for a while on covered areas of the place:

Reminds me of my fave tree… weeping willow. Photo by Isabel.

Hanging out and resting… no bat poop smell here! Photo by Isabel.

Ate Ajie became sleeping beauty after our swimming but awaken even without his prince’s kiss afterwards.

Site from another nicely built covered hall/hut.

Entrance of the bat sanctuary. View from the covered hut.

Rain continued to pour but it didn’t stop us from looking for the (Mangrove-something). Well, actually, it did. The road became muddy and slippery for the van.

An evidence of the rainy and muddy times we drove around Samal island.

Kuya Ge drove back to where we came from. He said we almost went around the Samal island. We somehow just cut along in the middle. Basically, one can manage to go around the island in full circle in a day. That’s how small the island is! But it hold lots of beach resorts that caters both local and foreigners alike.

Oh, being the usual tourist that I am, a proof of where I came from…


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