Back to Reality

04 Jul

A week has past from the trip and the “fever” that I acquired from it.

Posted my photos in Multiply and as days passed it seemed hard for me to sort out the photos and files for personal archiving and for re-posting to those other social websites.

Other projects wanted to outdo the other. As if fighting to get my attention, well, my priority actually… from re-doing a box diecut, re-sizing a countertop display and digging up archived file for a quite old project just to name a few 😐

The Bangkok video greeting setup for the client seemed to be working since I don’t receive any emails, IMs or SMS from Gian on inquiries or problems on it. That’s a good sign Ü But I remind myself on each day that ends, videos to animate accumulates :-S

No word from Ten and I feel a bit sad that Put didn’t reply in my messages through SMS and MSN 😦

A sign that everyone’s busy. Everyone’s back on their individual lives.


I have a couple to things in mind to blog. Both has something to do with Bangkok and my trip there. And some, well, quite personal. But I sort of lost the interest of writing them. I don’t know. Lately, I just feel being slowed down and held back.



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